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"Universal Poplab- Uprising The Remixes"


It hasn't taken Universal Poplab that long to establish themselves at the top of Swedish electronic pop. The utter pop sensibility and robust brand of quality have proven potent enough to reach an audience beyond the loyal synthpop fan base. Filling the gap between "Uprising" and the yet untitled third album is a surprisingly varied remix album.

Zeigeist's dance take on "I Could Say I'm Sorry" carries a sound similar to their own brand of arty synthpop, giving Universal Poplab a bit more punch and attitude. "Soma Generation", altered by German Menichal Servants, follows the path of the first track as it retains a sound heavy on electronics, custom made for the clubs. Unknown to me, Andreas and the Chemicals deliver a groovy, acoustic take of "Fire", halting the beat driven synthpop, albeit briefly. Next come my Australian darlings Neuropa (their last album was rather dodgy though, I admit). They have crafted another floorfiller with edges of upbeat Italo disco, boosting "Vampire in You" to new heights.

Another five remixes make up the track list of this limited (1000 copies) release, none of them even remotely uninteresting. Band member Paul Lachenardihre's "Swing Remix" of "Heart Apart" is fantastic in its diversity and creative approach and Thermostatic enthusiastically transports "I Could Say I'm Sorry" back to 1984 through their screaming Sidstations.

I think I can honestly say that this is one of the most solid and well balanced remix albums I have ever heard. Brand new single "Fame and Hate" is yet another catchy pop pearl and together with "Uprising - the Remixes" it helps numb the craving for the new album lurking somewhere in the studio.
- Release Music Magazine

"Universal Poplab- Uprising"

The highly skilled engineers of the Poplab have re-joined forces with renewed vigor and a whole batch of freshly molded tech-pop products. Going from a duo to a trio has left little imprint on their uplifting electronic hit pop sound, but has pushed the technical aspects of the recordings to new heights. I suspect third member Hans Olsson is the one with the sophisticated know-how necessary to make an album like "Uprising" sound so good.

Both singles leading up to this album, namely "I Could Say I'm Sorry" and "Heart Apart", tread the path of their first, massively impressive self titled debut album. Insanely infectious and competent club pop focused on the strong vocals of Christer Lundberg and pure chorus power. The same goes for the energetic opener "Soma Generation", the lyrically hilarious "60 Is the new 40" and "The Message", eminating club glee in all its catchy simplicity.

There are no slow numbers close to the greatness of "Dice Roller" or "Any More Than This", but "Black Love Song" still serves its purpose on an album high in tempo. The temporary lapse of "White Night" is... well, temporary as the Swedes manage to keep the momentum going all the way through to the beautiful "New Beginnings". And even though my somewhat exaggerated expectations for "Uprising" were not fully realised, I remain highly enthusiastic, simply because the talent within Universal Poplab is so firmly cemented it can never fade.
- Release Music Magazine

"Universal Poplab- Uprising The Remixes German Review 10 out of 10!!"

Die schwedische Band UNIVERSAL POPLAB beeindruckte die Musikszene schon mehrfach. Das im Frühjahr 2007 erschienene Album „Uprsing“ bei Wonderland Records wurde von der Presse als „wunderbarer Synthpop in Reinkultur, melodiös und innovativ“ und führte zu wahren Begeisterungsstürmen.
Die Nachfrage nach neuem Material der drei Schweden Christer Lundberg, Paul Lachenardiere and Hans Olsson steigt ständig.
Und um diesem Wunsch zum einen nachzukommen und zum anderen die Wartezeit auf das kommende für 2008 angekündigte dritte Universal Poplab Album zu verkürzen, veröffentlicht das schwedische Label des Trios nun mit „Uprising - The Remixes“ ein Album, welches diverse Titel des „Uprising“ Albums der Band in einem neuen glamourösen und clubtauglichen Licht erstrahlen lässt.
„Uprising - The Remixes“ erscheint am 30.11.2007 in einer streng limitierten Auflage von nur 1000 Stück und dürfte somit binnen Tagen vergriffen sein.
Für die Remixe konnten unter anderem Neuropa (Australien), Zeigeist (Schweden), Code64 (Schweden), Thermostatic (Schweden) oder auch die Menichal Servants (Deutschland)
gewonnen werden.
In Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und Spanien wird das neue Universal Poplab Album „Uprising - The Remixes“ über Major Records (www.majorrecords.de) erscheinen.
Und da auch das normale „Uprising“ Album in den vorgenannten Ländern bislang nur sehr schwer und zu horrenden Preisen zu erhalten war, wird dieses ebenfalls zeitgleich erscheinen. - Borlife

"Universal Poplab- Uprising German Review 9 out of 10!!"

Zuhause in Schweden konnten sie bereits einige Charterfolge verbuchen,- in Deutschland sind sie (noch) wenig bekannt: UNIVERSAL POPLAB.
Das Schweden gute Musik produziert, ist spätestens seit ABBA, Roxette oder Ace of Base bekannt. Die Musik von UNIVERSAL POPLAB zu beschreiben ist nicht ganz einfach. Elektronisch, verspielt, einfühlsam oder mitreißend passt sicherlich,- es reicht aber nicht aus.

UNIVERSAL POPLAB überzeugen auf Anhieb mit einem popigen Stil, ohne dabei billig zu wirken. So ein bisschen wie die frühen Depeche Mode, Erasure und A-ha zusammen und doch absolut eigenständig und neu.

Das aktuelle Album „Uprising“ ist soeben auch in Deutschland erschienen (erhältlich bei conzoom, siehe unten). Einmal im CD-Player, will die runde Scheibe gar nicht mehr heraus. Gleich die ersten beiden Stücke „Soma Generation“ und „I could say I´m sorry“ gehen direkt ins Blut.

Insgesamt macht das Album spaß und Lust auf mehr. Und so wundert es auch nicht, dass „Uprising“ in Schweden für den SAMA Award in der Rubrik ”Album des Jahres 2006” nominiert wurde. - Borlife


Universal Poplab - Fame & Hate
1. Fame & Hate (Single Version )
2. Fame & Hate (Emmon RMX )
3. Fame & Hate (Draak Mix by Holger Berg)
4. Fame & Hate (Markovic Casio Version)

Release date: 2008-02-06
Catalogue No: wonderu14
Format: CDS
Label: Wonderland Records

Universal Poplab - Uprising The Remixes
1. I Could Say I'm Sorry (Zeigeist Remix)
2. Soma Generation (Menichal Servants Remix)
3. Fire (Andreas and The Chemicals Retake)
4. Vampire In You (Neuropa Remix)
5. Heart Apart (Paul Lachenardière Swing Remix)
6. I Could Say I'm Sorry (Thermostatic Remix)
7. Vampire In You (Bloody Mess Remix)
8. Heart Apart (Timo Räisänen Acoustic Remix)
9. Black Love Song (Monestrian Short Mix)

Release date: 2007-11-30
Catalogue No: wonderu10
Format: CD+
Label: Wonderland Records / Major Records

Universal Poplab - Fire
1. Fire (Single Version )
2. Fire (Andreas and The Chemicals Retake )
3. Dice Roller (Live)

Release date: 2007-04-25
Catalogue No: wonderu13
Format: CDS
Label: Wonderland Records

Universal Poplab - UPRISING
1. Soma Generation
2. I Could Say I'm Sorry
3. Fire
4. Heart Apart
5. White Night
6. Black Love Song
7. Vampire In You
8. 60 Is The New 40
9. Go Back To Sleep
10. The Message
11. Sad Song
12. New Beginnings

Release date: 2006-11-29
Catalogue No: wonderu04
Format: CD+
Label: Wonderland Records

Universal Poplab - Heart apart
1. Heart Apart (Single Version )
2. Heart Apart (Timo Räisänen Acoustic Remix )
3. Heart Apart (Paul Lachenardière Swing Remix)

Release date: 2006-10-30
Catalogue No: wonderu12
Format: CDS
Label: Wonderland Records

Universal Poplab - I Could Say I'm Sorry
1. I could say I'm sorry (Single Version)
2. Vampire in you (Single Version)
3. I could say I'm sorry (Jens Lodén Remix)
4. I could say I'm sorry (Thermostatic Remix)
5. I could say I'm sorry (Instrumental)

Release date: 2006-06-03
Catalogue No: wonderu11
Format: CDS
Label: Wonderland Records

Universal Poplab - Dice Roller
1. Dice roller
2. Dice roller (Kaah remix)
3. We hate it when our friends become successful (Team Smüd dance remix)
4. We hate it when our friends become successful (Stisch Remix)

Release date: 2004-08-09
Catalogue No: CDSSC 35
Format: CDS
Label: SubSpace Communications

Universal Poplab - We Hate it When our Friends Become Successful
Release date: 2004-04-15
Format: Free single
Label: SubSpace Communications

Universal Poplab - Universal Poplab
1. Bedhead
2. Casanova fall
3. I believe
4. Lovers Lane
5. Days astray
6. New baby boom feat. Nina Natri
7. Dice roller
8. I can't help myself
9. Extasy
10. We hate it when our friends become successful feat. Håkan Hellström
11. Any more than this

1. Casanova Fall
2. New Baby Boom

Release date: 2004-02-11
Catalogue No: CDCOM 16
Format: CD+
Label: SubSpace Communications

Universal Poplab - New Baby Boom feat. Nina Natri
1. New baby boom (Radio edit)
2. Lovers Lane
3. New baby boom (Andreas Saag's reborn remix)
4. New baby boom (Puppet Masters' girls only remix)
5. New baby boom (Håkan Lidbo remix)

Release date: 2004-01-14
Catalogue No: CDSSC 27
Format: CDS
Label: SubSpace Communications

Universal Poplab - Casanova Fall
1. Casanova fall (Radio edit)
2. Casanova fall (Playmaker's club edit)
3. Brilliant creatures
4. Casanova fall (Dirtyremix by Sophie Rimheden)

Release date: 2003-05-02
Catalogue No: CDSSC 26
Format: CDS
Label: SubSpace Communications

All singles have had radio play on national swedish radio. More than half of them have made it into the most important hit- list in Sweden (Trackslistan).



In January 2002, vocalist Christer Lundberg and producer Paul Lachenardière shook hands over a couple of beers and a vegetarian meal, agreeing on plans to create a shimmering spectacle of synthpop art. In February 2004, their debut album, "Universal Poplab", was released. The album - and several singles from it such as "New Baby Boom", "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful" and "Dice Roller" - achieved chart success. With the addition of new member, sound magician Hans Olsson, the band finished their second album "UPRISING", released on 29th November 2006.

Recent single releases, "I Could Say Im Sorry", "Heart Apart" and "Fire" demonstrate the band's growing achievements and ability to permeate our heads and hearts with their insanely catchy melodies.

Since the band members have very different backgrounds, the journey from plans to music can best be described as a series of creative wild mood swings. Christer is an old-school synthpop fan, influenced by acts like Soft Cell and Yazoo. Paul is a classically trained musician with roots in jazz, electronica, trance and techno. Hans is one of Sweden's finest producers and sound engineers.

Each member's creative output has also taken various forms over the years: Christer is not only a songwriter and singer. He also hosts his own daytime radio show on Swedish radio and has produced acclaimed TV documentaries. Paul is not only an accomplished producer. As well as being a skilled multi-instrumentalist, he creates music and releases records in such varied genres as trance and nu-jazz. Hans has produced, mixed and mastered records in many varied genres and by famous artists like José González. (He has recently completed a tour of Sweden alongside pop wiz Timo Räisänen). It's in the meeting of these three different minds that magic is born.

Live, the band is a riot! Universal Poplab made their live debut in 2003 at the Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards, (where, two years later, they won the award for best album). Since then, UP have gained a dedicated following through their extensive gigging at clubs and festivals, as well as their website downloads.