Universal Rebel

Universal Rebel

 Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
BandHip HopReggae

Music that lifts the soul. Irie Vibes with a positive message. That real good, feel good music. These are all simple descriptions of the sound of Adeo and Universal Rebel but truthfully, words do not express the experience one has. A combination of Reggae/Hip Hop/Rock/Blues makes this DUB LUV


Progressing Humanity Thru the Arts.
(Sounds like Bob Marley, Common, & Phish)

Universal Rebel (UR) is an ORGANIC HIPHOP COLLECTIVE based out of North Jersey. UR is what you get when you take Bob Marleys brand of REBEL MUSIC, mixed with the conscious lyricism of COMMON, with the musical experimentation of PHISH; a style UR has titled HipHop Dub/LUV. The bands frontman, ADEO, formerly of the group RAINation, was the featured opening act for such legends as Kanye West, The Black Eye Peas, The Roots, Wyclef Jean, Talib Kweli, Common, Robert Randolph, Jimmy Cliff, Julian Marley, and an array of other artists. Now Adeo & his band of rebels have brought their delicious beats and conscious lyrics together to bring you their new studio E.P.- ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS featuring the smash single U R the ONE.


Acid Jazz

Written By: Universal Rebel

Acid Jazz in this mushroom world.
But I ain't Super Mario and this and atari yo
So sorry though coming from the bario
growing up had different heroes than Dimaggio
Muddy Waters and Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and Parliament Funk,
Curtis May, and Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Marley,
Peaceful rest is what I wish for those who,
laid the ground made it possible,
made a sound that's unstopable, and kicked the beat we're still rockin too,
Verse One -
Said I ain't Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton,
but rest in peace to the late Johnny Cochran,
Defender of black men so he's a black leader,
I represent all the dreamers and beleivers.
That transcend color, sons of Earth mother,
I bring it all together, the games Mega Evers,
Inspired by the great teachers and speakers,
I can feel their spirit linger in the etherm its eerie,
I listen clearly to the words of Marcus Garvey,
and the music by the great Bob Marley.
These days the only one telling us the truth
is Chris Rock and Bill Cosby.
What happened to Martin, what happened to Malcolm,
look what happened with out them.


To all the young Bobby Stills hopeless and trapped in this deadly life cycle,
You're a superman amongst lex luthers, a true king, just ask Martin Luther.
You're the answer to their sheisty manuevers,
a black panther to their J. Edgar Hoovers.
BUT don't forget who you are and where you come from,
And don't take it like you can't change son,
The reason that you see the fathest,
Your standing on the shoulders of Giants,
that, came before, laid the floor,
gave us the chance to take that and make it more.
That's the reason that where hustling for, right?
The American Dream so we can make it out all right.
All right I'm down, lets get down like Jim Brown,
no more running back because this is where its at,