Universal Sunshine

Universal Sunshine


Music for happy people with sad thoughts. Dark melodic acoustic/rock grooves, insightful lyrics and honest vocals create a retro-alternative sound that haunts the soul.


From the mind of Jake Ded comes the fanciful tour de force known as the Universal Sunshine. The highly anticipated first full-length player titled “Sinking Ships” captures the spirit and soul of veteran NYC songwriter Jake Ded. Universal Sunshine is a studio concept project that embodies all the joy, pain, love and passion that is Jake Ded. With the help of studio wizard, prominent NYC musician and songwriter Don Piper (of A Don Piper Situation), “Sinking Ships” has taken on a refined & crafted retro sound that has surpassed all previous efforts from the Universal Sunshine. Piper’s production work at Between the Trains Studio in D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn is unrivaled and his mark is ever present throughout the album. With the help of Piper, Ded was able to sculpt the sound of ”Sinking Ships” into a rich blend of styles that embodies all of his influences and experiences. The enigmatic and multitalented instrumentalist Matt Horn makes his debut with the Sunshine on “Sinking Ships”. Horn’s unique musical stylings added a vibe previously unheard on a Sunshine recording. Longtime friends and band mates Dave Kaleidoscope (of The Mibu Dera Foundation) and Pete Giannosa (of the Sambanditos) are back with the Sunshine providing the bulk of the bass and drums on the album along with other sounds, and are once again the foundation that allows Ded to create his most important songs to date. Jake Ded is a long time NYC musician & resident who has played with Almost Blue, The Fernandos, Shake, Shock Disco, and the seminal rock band Vue Marlon. Ded recently escaped the confines of the cavernous skyscrapers of NYC and relocated to the open clear skies of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. He resides in Boulder, where he has found new life, spirit and inspiration in his self and in his song writing craft.


Distant Light

Written By: Jake Ded

We can only afford what we need to survive, in this mixed up place I reside. We used to look each other straight in the eye, we used to have freedom so we never had to lie.
My door is always open, just call before you stop. I know what I've done and it seems like a lot. If I said I wanted to leave, you know that's not true. All I want to do is be with you.

We're on a cruise around the sun.
Waiting for it all to be said and done.
We tried and tried to break through,
That mold made of everyone else.
But, this is the end.

I've been led to a distant light.
and although you see things, you don't have the right. To push and pull, make me want out. Say you don't know what I'm all about.
I've been down this road before, I'm going to make the right turn.
If we don't know that much, maybe we should learn. I want to open all the doors in your mind, that's only if you can find the time.


Written By: Jake Ded- Dave Kaleidoscope

Is she vicious,
or is this just my thrill.
I dance with her.
Never take the steps for real.

Sad song on the radio,
I'm in the back seat,
looking out the window.
You left me with no one to blame,
because I know what you're up to
just the same.

Sanitize my book of dreams.
For too many nights, she's been
the one for me.
If I pull her from her crash.
I lost, I left, I will not be the last.

Sinking Ships

Written By: Jake Ded

From the green glow of the moss,
I could see your smile shine down.
Along the river bed we walked,
toward this god foresaken town.
Hand in hand wih substance,
dripping from our lips.
Agreeing upon subjects and how
we both survived.
Many sinking ships, and how were
still alive.

Leaving us to go,
out on your own.
Memories fade away,
lets get together one more time.

Somehow things were different,
back then.
The days seemed a little longer,
back then.
The people I miss were still with me,
back then.
I always wanted more than I could
back then.

Set List

cold feet
distant light
sinking ships
sleepy john
booze on my breath
man in red
Sets are usually 1 hour long. Covers are sometimes played. This band plays mostly original music.