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Unkle Aaron

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Unkle Aaron is a unique musician with a unique sound that captivates the imagination. Each Unkle Aaron production is a sonic story that is usually whimsically dark and often contain provocative lyrics. For film, t.v., video games or ear pleasure, Unkle Aaron is talented and one-of-a-kind.

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March of the Western

Written By: Aaron L. Hern

March of the Western
My Papa said to me
“boy wait your turn”
It’s better for you
to look and learn
But Papa didn’t know
I had steady hand
from hangin’ out late
with a wanted man
I could shoot real straight
I could shoot real far
and that made me
a shootin’ star
So I followed my papa
to the settin’ sun
with hand at my side
and a hand on my gun

My Papa stared that man
right in the eye
While I hid by a building
right near by
20 paces later
they were ready to go
So I hunched on the ground
down real low
On the count of 3
they pulled their guns
and 1 second later
that fella was done
But another gutless fella
laid in the wake
But my papa was smart
and he sensed that snake
I didn’t know it
so I acted real fast
and another moment later
I heard that blast
My papa had the fastest
gun in the west
Until he took
that bullet in the chest

I blasted that man
right in the eye
Then I held my pappa
and said good-bye
My pappa was gone
and I started to cry
So I picked up my gun
and let the bullets fly
I emptied it out
in that bastard’s gut
then I stepped a little closer
and got a better look
It’s that two-bit thief
that taught me to shoot
He had a cross on his chest
and a cross on his boot
As he took his last gasp
I picked up his head
I spit in his face
and this is what I said:
“Your crosses won’t save you
from the demons within
and when you get to hell
you’ll see me again
An eternity of punishment
is what you await
so don’t waste your time
at heaven’s gate
I’ll teach you ‘bout
the ways of your sin
I’m Karma’s bastard son
with a devilish grin.”