Stromness, Scotland, GBR

Unknown is an anonymous producer from Belfast who perfoms with vocallist Gemma Dunleavy
With a name that evokes an Abyss, its fitting that the music is moody, often pretty, two-step and future bass. Built around dark, warm low-end bass and skittering percussion that Gemma's vocals ride perfectly


2013 Achievements
La Roux. Skrillex. Ryan Vail. All artists that the internet rumour mill have thrown up as the potential identity of Northern Irish beatmaker, Unknown. He is not any of them. What he is, is an innovative producer who’s creative sounds have captivated many since he began releasing music last year. Naturally, the combination of anonymity combined with the prodigious talent has caused speculation, with Ellie Goulding tweeted “Who IS this? I wish I knew..” after hearing #008 on Dummy last year. His numbered series of tracks, released on Youtube, served to get the blogosphere in a right old lather, with The Needle Drop and No Fear Of Pop championing Unknown’s spacious, static drenched textures and intricate production methods. Signed to the fast rising Champion Sound Music, this July will see the release of Unknown’s forthcoming EP “ I Cry”, the next step in the progression of this exciting young producer.

Late May saw Pitchfork premiere EP title track “I Cry”, featuring the dulcet tones of Gemma Dunleavy. The reaction only served to further heighten the anticipation for the upcoming EP, with Noisey electro affiliate THUMP offering a sneak peak at a remix of the title track by exciting bass producer EJECA. A sit down interview with This Is Fake DIY revealed that the cloak in which Unknown exists is “not a cynical ploy to create hype”, that he allows his forceful, garage embodied tracks to create an impression with as little sideshow as possible. With a busy festival season ahead, it’s time people got to know a little more about Unknown.

Radio One Mini Mix - 25,000 listens worldwide , Played at Longitude and Electric Picnic Festival , Currently Remixing Bose Advert Soundtracking US Buzz Band Wild Cub - Featured Twice on Pitchhfork



Unknown - #001-004 - CS003 Released 12/11/12 Champion Sound Recordings Vinyl/Digital

Unknown - #005-009 - CS004 Released 02/02/2013
Champion Sound Recordings Vinyl/Digital

Unknown - I Cry ( Featuring Gemma Dunleavy) - CS008
Released 02/07/2013 Champion Sound Recordings Vinyl/Digital


Ryan Vail - Heartbeat ( Unknown Remix ) Vinyl/Digital

Soak - Sea Creatures ( Ryan Vail/Unknown Remix )

Mmoths - For Her ( Unknown Remix ) Digital EP

T Polar - Feetwork ( Unknown Remix ) Vinyl/Digital

Face and Heel - No Stars ( Unknown Remix ) Digital EP

Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter ( Unknown Remix ) Forthcoming

#001 from #001-004 appears on Jon Talabot K7 DJ Kicks released by K7 on 18/10/2013 Digital/CD/Vinyl

Radio One ( Unknown ) 300 seconds to Mix Mini Mix - 26,000 listens

Dazed and Confused - Feature MixTape (DJ Mix )

Radio Support from Ben Pearce, Pete Tong, Tiga , Jon Talabot , Tom Ravenscroft, Donal Dineen

Radio Play from BBC, RTE, Amazing Radio