Unknown Avenger

Unknown Avenger


You know that kind of music that has catchy and crazy guitar riffs with technical, steady drums and melodic singing doubled up with intense screaming..? That's us.


Hailing from the small town of Starke, Florida, Unknown Avenger sets themselves apart from the average band in more ways than one. With a sound that is technical yet catchy, they have proved to be an unstoppable force. Attention to detail and powerful lyrics have helped break the mold and redefine music in its essence. Influences and inspiration range from the simple to chaotic. From Pantera to The Beatles. From Led Zeppelin to Slipknot. From NOFX to Protest The Hero. Music is music and with the help of Unknown Avenger, it is becoming so much more. Dustin Cox screams poetry into the microphone while guitarists Ryan Wilson and Billy Mckay let intense harmonies and melodies flow from their fingertips. Bassist Josh Wilson takes the bass line for a walk that is impossible to keep on a leash and JT Adkins keeps the heartbeat alive with a precise and heavy drum style. Together, they provide the unexpected. Loving for those who hate and standing for those who fall. Unknown Avenger takes the stage by storm.



Written By: Dustin Cox

Let it Rain!
This blood will not
wash off my hands.
(This blood is
not washing off) Can you help me
please get off my
I'm begging and
begging please! Can you help me
get off my knees?
Dear God
I'm writing to you, it seems
I've lost my faith. I
always thought it was overrated
but now-
But now, I wish that I
would've kept updated. This
blood hits the floor and the
(This blood)
A little bit louder now-
A little bit louder
A little bit louder
Can you forgive me- For
what I've done?
I guess
it's so hard to let it slip
when there's a life in your


Written By: Dustin Cox

Black as night all the creatures
come out to play;
Without any
problems to get in their way.
So I pray my Lord my soul to keep;

’cause these are my last words I
will ever speak.
They’re coming for me and they’ll come for you
too so don’t run;
So don’t you
The evil they are is the evil that will consume you-

Greed runs through them as it runs
through you, no so don’t run
they’ll find you; They will
They’re coming for
you! And they will come for me
too so don’t run!
So don’t you
run! The tongue will catch you
in the act of tying knots. These
words make no sense ‘cause the
fear of his shoes will break
me; I dream that these nightmares
would come true without
They're coming, they're coming
for me! These nightmares will
come true!
These nightmares!

With A Gun Barrel Between Your Teeth

Written By: JT Adkins

Kiss the children-
Once for me
and tell them how their life
should be and;
a gun in their hand and a bullet in there palm,
they will not last long.(they
won't last the night) I
can see the sky now; A thick
crimson red.
With a knife in
their back; And a bullet in their
They sleep on the ground ‘cause they ain’t got no where to
go. (x2)
They ask for their life
but the answer, the answers no.
(x2) Evil men, corrupt men, they
want their money and nothing
Control the people by
fencing them in like
animals. Fenced in like
So kiss the children
once for me and let them know how
their life should be and that
someone’s praying for them.
(x3) Let’s Pray!
Let’s pray for-
Let’s pray for them!

South Coast Obsession Pt. 2

Written By: JT Adkins

well stop me
if you've heard this one
i can't believe this is
happening, believe this is
happening. "will you marry me?"
these are the last words that i
wish i heard.("will you marry
my eyes are full of tears but they are washing away my
your eyes are full of
tears but they are washing away
our fears. this isn't another
love song. this isn't another hate
its the story about boy and
a girl.
she just she just wanted a second
chance to prove herself.
he was
just afraid to dance.
is this good for you? because its good for
(ahem) ladies and gentlemen,
if you add one part chaos with a
boy and a girl what do you
what do you get?
ladies and
gentleman, this is my life.
and gentlemen, this is my
what do you get when you
take my breathe
away? breathless.
why don't you
leave me breathless?


We have one EP out called " Any last words?" All the tracks on the cd are Atrocity, DustysHoes, With A Gun Barrel Between Your Teeth and South Coast Obsession Pt. 2. All songs are available for listen and download at www.myspace.com/unknownavenger32091

Set List

Our set list is always changing. An average set lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Our songs are as follows:
1.) Atrocity
2.) Dustyhoes
3.) With A Gun Barrel Between Your Teeth
4.) South Coast Obsession Pt. 2
5.) No Need For A Name
6.) Empty Shell
7.) Bless The Martyr
8.) Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads
9. Paradise Lost
10.) A Sunrise Is Sweeter With Tequila.
We also have one cover song which is Hallowed Be Thy Name originally performed by Iron Miaden.