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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music




At the TAXI conference a few years ago, I witnessed an impromptu testimony from one intense, possibly insane lead singer. As all the Los Angeles rocker hopefuls sat obediently in their plastic chairs, the panel of music impresarios was being introduced. After the last bigwig gave a smug nod to the crowd, Adam Daniels, singer of Unknown Boy stood up, BUCK NAKED and made a proclamation. “There’s a lot of talent in this room, but there is only one rock star here. Unknown Boy”. The room erupted in gasps, laughter and cheers as he was escorted out of the building, lump of clothes under one arm as he politely thanked security for doing their job.

At that moment, it was clear that this young man was bound for either stardom or a mental institution. Lucky for him, he’s not yet been committed, and is in fact, releasing a self-entitled EP in December which has already received a good deal of radio play. Unknown Boy also serves as the soundtrack for the acclaimed short film, “The Money Shot”, which debuted at Cannes and will be featured on the Mini Movie Channel.

Unknown Boy’s sound is not unlike the complex prog rock stylings of Brit rockers Muse and Radiohead. The dense, vocal heavy compositions are lyrically dark, guitar driven anthems ripe with just the right dose of angst. Daniels’ vocals have an almost electronic quality that can, at times, be quite polarizing, which is often the case with the most recognizable singers.

The Unknown Boy live show is consistently as bizarre as it can be, and at times, deliciously awkward. Leaving the audience slightly bewildered seems to be the strategy. Past antics include the tarring and feathering of frontman Daniels, and the S & M whipping of a George Bush look alike at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. At times, these stunts can pull focus from the music, but Daniels is willing to take the hit for the sake of entertainment.

On November 19, 2007, U.B. will premiere the music videos for their singles, “Pop” and “Song”on Youtube, and will release their E.P. Unknown Boy, on I-TUNES. “Pop” was shot by the production company Eyestorm, George Lucas loyalists, best known for their brilliant work on the Star Wars trilogy. Unknown Boy was chosen as their first music video project because of their progressive and imaginative creative vision, which appealed to Eyestorm’s stylistic strength, which is creating another world.

The video concept finds Unknown Boy captured and processed through a mass marketing machine (literally) which ultimately transforms them into mindless bobble head puppets. Singer Adam Daniels, openly gay front man and artist behind the Unknown Boy project is garnering praise from both mainstream and alternative media, and has all the makings of a pop icon. Named Rock Alternative Male Singer Songwriter of The Year at the 16th Annual L.A. Music Awards, Daniels is forging alliances with the mainstays and newly emerging talents of the music industry.

The E.P. was recorded with Grammy award winning Producer Kevin Valentine (KISS, Motley Crue, and others) in his Santa Monica studio, Chillsville, and mixed by Brian Paturalski, best known for his production work with Outkast. This release boasts the singles “Song”, “Pop”, “Plastic Wings” and “Wave”. A dance version of "Pop" remixed by chart topper Jason Randolph, is currently being spun in clubs throughout the U.K. and Germany, and can be heard on the band’s website, unknownboy.com. If momentum continues as it has, Unknown Boy is a band destined to defy their name.

- LA 2 DAY - lifestyle magazine


There's Plenty of interest that will appeal to alternative ears. "Plastic Wings" is a sinister sounding goth-inspired song with oblique lyrics. The faster paced "Pop" adds a vaguely proggish perspective to the band's sound, which sports powerful guitar tone and good dynamics. Above all, the lead vocals of Adam Daniels contribute a distinctively eccentric signature. If this Boy continues to progress, they'll remain Unknown no longer.

-Music Connection - MUSIC CONNECTION


Music Review – "Pop" – Unknown Boy
File under: Electronica meets speed thrash with a catchy spin/alternative/cola rock pop

Adam Daniels, vocals; Chad Gunderson, Guitars; Manuel Baldanza, Drums; and Isaac Laskin, Guitars… With One from Los Angeles, two from Wisconsin, and one from Switzerland some may understand why Unknown Boy sounds so different from so many other bands. They are interesting in a fuzzy chord crunching, perplexing and howling, captivating and charismatic way with coarse, shrewd, pop sounds that manhandle the conformists’ view without loosing that attention grabbing hook that makes rock ’n’ roll so captivating. Unknown Boy is, to me, that rare hidden diamond in the rough.

Oh, and the song "Pop"... does!!!

Unknown Boy

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