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Unknown Component

Iowa City, Iowa, United States | INDIE

Iowa City, Iowa, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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"Room Thirteen Review"

Breaking with form slightly for his latest release, Keith Lynch a.k.a Unknown Component has managed to create an album that won’t have you penning your suicide note by the end as hints of upbeat and even optimism peek their way throughout the melancholy. Now on his fifth album Lynch is very much the independent artist. Working under the guise of Unknown Component he has for the last five years been the soul person involved in the writing, recording and even releasing of his work without the backing or indeed the interference of a label, which alone deserves applause but on top of this Lynch has been able to craft songs steeped in integrity and meaning, songs that speak to you and actually mean something and whilst they may have previously been doused in layers of melancholy and sombre negativity ‘Separately Connected’ looks set to buck the trend and prove to all that beneath the gruff exterior of the Iowa native is a guy with his finger very much on the pulse of society.

As Dylanesque vocals ease their way out of opening track ‘Under The Gun’ it becomes immediately clear that ‘Separately Connected’ is an album basking in realism and unpretentiousness. Lynch’s unpolished vocals create an air of intimacy as he almost speaks his lyrics quietly and trustingly taking you into his confidence as lively guitars tentatively entwine around the words. And what words. Unquestionably and without hesitation Lynch pours his heart into every song, bearing his inner most thoughts and feelings for all to see and whilst his trials and tribulations in love and life may not always end well there is still a touch of hope flowing throughout. Indeed ‘Separately Connected’ is far from being an album dripping in self pity and loathing, what we have instead is a young man trying to find his way in the ever changing modern world, something everyone can sympathise with and relate to.

With lyrics that speak so strongly and forcefully there is a tendency for the music of ‘Separately Connected’ to almost become an after thought, something that fades into the background but when it does step into the light you find that this is a man who can marry the two together with ease. ‘Been Awake’ for instance finds Lynch in a cheery mood with a jaunty beat to match but it is ‘Alone With Your Mistakes’ that truly shines. As close to a rock track as Lynch gets, ‘Alone With Your Mistakes’ straps grunge fuelled stomp to a thumping bass line that pounds and stamps around a catchy riff. Throw in some vocals that are as close to Kurt Cobain as you are going to get without the aid of a medium and suddenly you have a track brimming with passion, aggression and emotion but above all else you have a track packed with integrity, a lethal combination that is sure to grab your attention.

Avoiding the pitfalls of an album drowning in self pity and dodging the trap of being entirely woeful, ‘Separately Connected’ is an album that is emotively challenging and openly engaging. Honest and raw this is an album that will make you think, that will make you feel but above all else it will have you mesmerized throughout.

-Jodie Woodgate Room Thirteen

- www.roomthirteen.com

"Alternative Addiction Review"

With his piano driven melodic rock, it’s no wonder why Unknown Component, the brainchild of singer/songwriter Keith Lynch, is drawing comparisons to Elliott Smith, but when you dig deeper on this Iowa based unsigned act’s latest release you’ll find strong hooks, heartfelt lyrics, and an overall impressive sound. Tracks like “Alone With Your Mistakes” and “The Jury” showcase the Lynch’s strong musicianship, while tracks like “Good Intentions” and “Prescribed Relief” show the Lynch’s melodic side, and find him vocally and lyrically at his best. This is an album that shows great potential in what could be an up and coming unsigned act.

-Chad Durkee Alternative Addiction

- www.alternative-addiction.com

"Indie-Pendent Review"

Unknown Component-Seperately Connected is an aspiring US act using classic components to create a lively folk/rock that weds the 60’s of electric Bob Dylan (the feel of Like a Rollin Stone) to Squeeze /Oasis/Elliot Smith. The title tune is akin to John Lennon leading Joy Division (& The Jury also has Unknown Pleasures)! Acoustic in its principles but atomic in its power, get acquainted to Keith Lynch- better known as Unknown Component! unknowncomponent.com

-Rob ‘Indie-Pendent’
- Indie-pendent.com


"Blood v. Electricity" - 2012
"The Infinite Definitive" - 2010
"In Direct Communication" - 2008
"Separately Connected"- 2007
"Everything At Once Is Nothing All The Time" -2006
"From Anywhere But Here"- 2005
"Rewired Reasoning"- 2004
"Living Through Technology" -2003



Unknown Component is the music project of Keith Lynch. The project is currently based out of central Iowa and features Lynch on guitars, vocals, piano and drums.

Lynch is a musician and a producer who plays every instrument on all of the Unknown Component recordings. He is also credited with recording and mixing every album in his own independent studio.

Lynch was born in West Branch, Iowa and later moved to Tipton, Iowa around the age of 8.

At 16, he taught himself how to play guitar after discovering an old, acoustic guitar in the attic of his home in Tipton.

After graduating high school, Lynch moved again and began writing and recording songs on a four track tape recorder marking the beginning of Unknown Component.

Songs from the albums ‘The Infinite Definitive’ and ‘Blood v. Electricity’ have been featured on the nationally broadcast radio program Undercurrents and the song ‘Set To Begin’ off of the album ‘From Anywhere But Here’ was featured in the film The 4th Life which was distributed across the U.S. and Canada by Atopia, and was directed by Francois Miron.

The music video “When The Illusion Is What It Seems” from the album ‘The Infinite Definitive’ received a Silver award at the 2012 ADDY Awards.

The newest album ‘Blood v. Electricity’ was released in October of 2012.