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Alexandria, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1999 | SELF

Alexandria, Virginia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1999
Band Metal Thrash Metal




"UNKNOWN ‘New Beginnings’ EP Arrives w/ “Serpents Lullaby” Video"

From the Commonwealth of Virginia, the location of Woodbridge to be more exact, comes the return of that which cannot be named… anything but UNKNOWN!

With a long-running history in the metal dense underground of their home state, the band’s origins date back to at least 1999. After their formation, UNKNOWN spent several years honing the band, their music, their live shows, every aspect of importance. In the early 2000’s, they would take to the roads of the eastern U.S. after countless live shows at home with numerous established national acts. Then, in 2009, the band decided to take a short break, with members eventually going on to work in other bands and projects as the break became a lengthier hiatus.

In recent times, the band reactivated and with the arrival of 2019, UNKNOWN marks this year as the band’s 20th anniversary, the right time to make moves again. Move they have too, as vocalist Steve Moss, guitarist Kevin Walker, drummer Mike Daniel, and bassist Chris Gilchrist announced the unleashing of the four-song ‘New Beginnings’ EP.

Accompanying it is their recently unveiled video for one of its tumultuous tracks, “Serpent’s Lullaby“, the second video offered from the recording after “Vicious” premiered in March.

The metallic output of UNKNOWN is nowhere remotely as vague as the band’s name implies, for it is a full-on assault of southern groove imbued, aggressive contemporary metal. There are melodic thrash elements channeled in the onslaught of assailing guitar, abusive rhythms, and decimating drums that deliver the goods here. The vocals are a straight up, relentlessly hostile heralding of hatefulness given a voice and going to town with it. Am I painting you a visible enough image of just how pugnacious and powerful the audio output of UNKNOWN is?

Check out the ‘New Beginnings‘ EP from UNKNOWN here, along with the pair of official videos from it. - Riff Relevant- Pat Whitaker

"Album review"

Brutal Metal Gods do it once again with their self-titled EP “Unknown” as they thrash through a world of crappy music with their new release. Riveting vocals sear your cranium with goodness and the bass and lead guitar synchronize in metal mayhem. Delicious drums back it all up as combined they produce one of the greatest metal EPs in ages. In “Pestilent Effect” they slay you with all that is metal in this great speedcore jam sure to have you smashing shoulders with whoever is in the car with you as you drive down screamo highway, my favorite boulevard. “Serpents Lullaby” is a nice little ditty not fit for Dragon Trainers and a tad slower than the rest. Its soothing vocals make you yearn for unicorns and puppies, as long as you hold the bloody axe of annihilation. “Self-Inflicted” starts out with some weird noises, which I always like, then goes into the creepy distorted guitar and right into a well-mixed jam. More controlled chaos from lead singer Steve M., backed by Kevin W. on guitar, Chris G. on bass, and Mike D. on drums. Another beautiful metal anthem by some very talented musicians who meld together like alloy. Proving that steel sharpens steel, they build off of one another and continue to grow with each performance. The song ends with some more weird noises which I really appreciate. “Vicious” winds out the quartet of songs on this already epic must-have EP with a 6 ½ minute diatribe into all that is beautiful about the soothing genre of modern metal. I see metal different than most, when I am really pissed off, a good screamo calms me down and settles my nerves. Consider UNKNOWN better than any psychiatrist, and go buy it now. Unknownkicksass.com - The Beach Sider Resident- Fursey O’Veebee


Salamone Studios- Fredericksburg, VA.- 2019 E.P. Release

Corey Smoot- Richmond, VA.- Full Length 2008, E.P. 2009

New York, NY- E.P. 2006

Sound Of Music- Richmond VA. E.P. 2004

Quad Studios- New York, NY- E.P. 2003

Lion & Fox Studio- Fairfax, VA.- E.P. 2000



Steve M. - Vocals

Kevin W. - Guitar

Chris G. - Bass

Mike D. - Drums

Back in the year of 1999, this heavy monster was formed by 4 friends in high school. Starting out early in life from mimicking their early influences to jamming out in front of a mirror pretending to be on stage. From the beginning you could tell they were born to play and had incredible talent. After grueling practices, hardships and turmoil, they were finally ready to get something going that they themselves didn't know would be this astounding and have such an effect. Constantly striving for improvement , finally had enough original material to start playing live shows by the next year. Recording studio sessions followed. After getting an e.p. ready, they started hitting the scene hard in 2000. Show opportunities pouring in, and with lots of dedication they felt the band was something to not be taken lightly  . By 2001 they had already shared the stage with many national acts. The Year 2001 also marked a milestone where the band went out for their first time over the road. Traveling the east coast and southern states of the USA. The years followed with success from that point with more touring and more studio time. In 2004 the band added an additional guitar that added extra sonic sound that now made this extreme force nearly unstoppable. Continuing for almost 5 consecutive years the band took a small break in 2009. Members had other projects they were involved with. After the long break the band made the decision to start getting back to doing shows, giving and getting the satisfaction of doing what they love to do. Taking pride in everything they do and every note they play, this bands sound has evolved over the years and will continue to progress and strive to blow minds.