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Unknown Space


Brent Byrd here of defunked Unknown Space! I would like to write music for films/commercials. I play numerous instruments, can write/produce grooves in pretty much any genre. I believe I have an ear for music placement by scene selection. I would love the opportunity to assist in creating.


- Music for the Universe -

From Charleston, Illinois, (will travel anywhere) Unknown Space consists of:

B. Byrd – Guitar, vocals, producing, writing
J. Koontz – Bass guitar & vocals

The Space lays down solid grooves and eccentric rhythms that will keep you riding along the edge. Musical experimentation and pure enjoyment is the foundational backbone of their music, which is apparent during a live performance. They always delve into the unknown – unknown space –!

For the circle, it’s always preponderant to see the Space because each performance is one in it's own. The set list is never the same twice, and their onstage improvisation / experimentation, as well as their creative monkeyshines, is a pleasure to rehash.

Their monolithic sound is heard in their set of 95% original music, with only a handful of discriminative cover songs. The band’s playbill of musicians is no small part of their unique sound.

Brent brings a soulful blend of influences including blues, jazz, rock, reggae, funk and bluegrass. If you mix all that up, let it ferment for 15+ years and add a zip of energy with attitude – well, it makes for brilliant guitar work, accompanied by his own…sometimes smooth, sometimes gritty vocal style.

Jason, the backbone of the Space, brings influences from jazz, blues, rock and funk. His savvy style creates the concrete foundation, yet it allows unique space for improvisation and creativeness throughout the music.

The unique sound that is Unknown Space includes jam band / progressive / rock elements. Their sound has a late 60's feel to it, blended with modern sensibilities. And, they know how to write tunes with a hook.

please visit for more songz and pics:

Contact Info:
Brent Byrd
510 6th street
Charleston, Illinois 61920
(217) 549-8299 (217) 345-4567



SpaceJam Clip

Written By: Brent Byrd



Always in the recording process although a few live tracks can be heard and downloaded at:
Brent is currently seeking jobs for movies/commercial music scores/clips.

Set List

The set list is comprised of 95% original material. The few covers are most likely unrecognizable due to the tranformation into the unknown. Some of the originals song include:
Bad Trip
The Getaway
High Time
Spacetronaut Jam
Just Livin'
Shoddy Town
Some covers include:
Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix
Happy Hour Hero - Moe
Killing Floor - Howlin Wolf (or whoever)
SouthBound - Allman Brothers Band
Heathen, Get Up, I shot Sheriff, War - Bob Marley
.....................and more..