Unlikely Heroes

Unlikely Heroes

 Oakland, California, USA
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Psychedelic Hip-Hop/Punk band. You have now seen the aliens...


Unlikely Heroes is a psychedelic Hip-Hop/Punk band from Oakland, CA. This band has been making waves in and outside of their local scene with exciting/introspective jams that leave concert goers physically drained and mentally well-fed.They are releasing their self titled debut EP May 2018, that has been long awaited for by fans and playlist curators throughout the U.S. and overseas. This band has been compared to a unique blend of rapper Kid Cudi and band Rage Against the Machine for their witty/catchy conscious lyrics and unique blend of psy-punk beats that flow seamlessly even in their genre stretching style.


Gold Rings

Written By: Enon Gaines aka phenomENON

This is Paradise on a track
Burning wax
Sit and reflect
And Let the waves just sing to you
Bet these dreams do things you ain't foreseen
Prayed up you can find god in anything
Been a king though queens was looking rare
I find times I'm flying
Define visions of air
in our highs the mission we livin without a care
anything else dispair we freea falling in fear
Depart the partly cloudy
visions is ever clear
Love drunk
The suns up
I'm pouring up everywhere
Me and my crew
Keep it cool on our February
Loyalty in blood
But the real is hereditary
What they talking ain't nothin
I'm just doing me
No stress
No worries
From the golden state
Steph curry
And we go
like erythangs in a hurry
Never been too complicated
We live go through anything if magic made it
Wise words
From the chi town curbs
Absurd beyond reckon
My mind defies weapons
In lines defines presence
One of a kind in time
Preserve my 5 seconds
And kick lessons
On my word like a reverend
All the same
And I bet you fore I'm done
You'll remember my name
But who knows....

It be them days if find I can't seem to get just get out my head


I know one day
It will all make sense

Until then

I'll just be floating on
All along all along

Stasis I remain
Getting to the change if it ain't i refrain
Lobotomy the modern sheep
If I had some tlc I'd never find the need to creep
With your hands
And Believe what you can
No fun at the beach neck deep in the sand
And you think you with friends
Think again
It ain't nothing but blood if you kin
Plus a lotta women out here trying to think like men
Born sinner
For j cole announced
They been adding up but living is where it counts
Times is surely hard and giving plenty of doubts
i Been up out the box
Fore they figure me getting out
Souled out
Transparent apparitions
Heaven sent what man is missing
Candle lit
So immune to criticism
Fuck what's on your television
I don't need an add to make listen
I just do it on my own
Couldn't clone
Or redo
No sequel
Or equal
My easel
Je ne sais quoi
On Allah
That's the most high
Just to get by
Oh my rhymes
Hell of grind
Will I shine
Or be a shadow of the past
That's backing me
Triump in the tragidy
love of the craft
But a plus is the salary
Why you mad at me
Smile for my haters
Nigga gladly
At times I overthink
But so in sync
Spilling blood just to quill as ink
That's just that real
If you feel
It can keep you alive
alone in my mind
But I'm loving the vibes
Well alright


Unlikely Heroes 

Set List

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So Gone
Nosliw Ffej
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