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Unlimited Magician

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Fear can inspire people to do great and terrible things. It is the fear of not playing music that keeps this Pittsburgh quartet rocking, and the fear of change that gives direction to their sound. In this time of fear, change, and the fear of change, Unlimited Magician finds itself playing it safe. Striving to create exactly the same mediocre music as everyone else making their way in the music business seems to be their intended course of action. Their music breaks no ground what-so-ever and most of their material seems to have been stolen from small acts that have a tendency to mysteriously disappear.

Lead singer and guitarist Charles Morrow sings in a voice which he very noticably made up that most likely sounds nothing like his natural singing voice. His guitar playing reminds one of that friend they had who was "ok at guitar, but smoked way to much to ever make something of it." Bassist Joseph McGroarty's stylings seem to lack definition and drive. Sometimes it is as if he is trying to sabotage the band's sound altogether. Drummer Maclain Eardley was the last member to join Unlimited Magician, and has never quite warmed up to the rest of the group. The tention is most noticable in their live act on the slower songs, where it is very apparent that Maco thinks Charles is a douche-bag. Maco can be seen venting on his crash cymbal as he imagines bashing keyboardist Zach Kumer's hands to a pulp, though it is no secret to Maco that Zach dreams of the band getting into a tragic car accident, leaving himself as the only survivor. Though Zach is a very skilled pianist, his resolve is constantly tested by his unrelenting alcoholism at each and every show.

A typical Unlimited Magician show spirals quickley out of hand and down a bumpy hill of competing ego's, unacceptable levels of intoxication, and very poorly constructed songs. Yet the band walks away from each show seemingly unscaithed by the terrible turn-outs, and the even worse response from those who actually do turn-out. This alone is a testiment to how bad the band really is, but they go one step further by actually recording their music.

To casually listen to one of their songs is simply not possible. Their songs are far too engaging, but not in a good sense. The listener finds themself held captive by pitchy vocals, poorly executed changes, and the complete lack of songwriting talent. At times songs seem to be a series of random parts strung together by ill-conceived bridges and interludes. Other times songs will seem to drag and go on forever as they gradually (and accidentally) slow down. Though this band is the definition of crap, it would prefer to be known as Unlimited Magician.