Indie pop/rock band. If Switchfoot and The Foofighters had a baby it would be Unmerited.


Unmerited was highlighted on KMOV Channel 4 news in St. Louis. Here is the Link: http://www.kmov.com/video/?z=y&nvid=369290



Written By: Ryan Spriggs

She's just a sinner like you and me
and she's always known how cold this place can be.
So fingers are pointed as they pick up there stones.
They will make her repent with her broken bones.
Look what you've done.

Those of you without sin may throw the first stones.

Good Side

Written By: Ryan Spriggs

Verse 1:I thought for sure we'd last longer than this. And I wish we could have known before that first kiss. But know your gone, and I'm gone away

Chorus: It's a cold cold day in that wonton place. where we only show the good side.

Verse 2: What would you say if I told you I'm often unsure, or iffy at best, would you tell me, " I'm not surprised"?
And if we cross paths in that old familiar place. Would you look me in the eye and say hello, or would you stare stone faced and walk away?

Dead Letter

Written By: Ryan Spriggs

Verse 1: I wrote you a letter and I through it away. Maybe someday I'll send it maybe today. I wrote you a letter but I don't send it off. I know the effect but I can't find the cause.

Chorus: So here I sit writing again, scrawling a message that I'll never send. It's been so long I'm sure your address has changed you probably won't even remember my name. Here I sit writing again how could this end before it began...it began.

Verse 2: I wrote you I sent it away, I wrote you a letter I sent it away. I didn't put your address down I hope it finds you some how some way.

Bridge: Dead letter


Unmerited Album is available on itunes.

Set List

Our set list consists of 8 to 10 songs and can last from 30 minutes to an hour.
1. Mystery
2. Just a Boy
3. Done it again/Mistrust
4. Dead Letter
5. Good Side
6. House Sitting
7. Black and White
8. Broken
9. For Keeps
10. Stones