Montréal, Quebec, CAN

“Keith’s confidence on stage is magnetic, her voice deep, dark and borderline satanic. Backed by snappy synth, layered sound loops and Reimer’s fierce animalistic drumming, this is something you must dance to, entranced in your own world.”- The Concordian


UN is composed of Kara Keith (vocals, synths, electronics) and Jen Reimer (drums, electronics). After playing in bands with mostly male members, Keith broke away from the influence of others and played her first solo show in Montreal in the winter of 2010. Shortly after, feeling that something was missing, best friend Reimer came to rehearsal and laid down a 4 on the floor drum beat, giving the music a considerable lift and an added intensity of sound. The pair of musicians felt psychically connected and their unique, raw, electro-pop began to take form. It was the first time Reimer had ever played drums... And thus UN was born.

Since their formation, the band has been invited to play numerous international festivals, including SXSW, NXNE, CMW, Sled Island and POP Montreal, while also ensuring an important place on the local scene for their uniquely moody and spirited performances. They have played with BIG FREEDIA, The Soft Moon, BRAIDS, Mozart's Sister, STFKR appeared live on Musique Plus and headlined many local sold out shows.

Without the use of backing tracks, UN use their virtuosic skill and dedicated practice to perform all aspects of their songs live, often with an improvisatory element. If you were to close your eyes and succumb to the trance like beats and repetitive hooks, it is hard to imagine there are only two people on stage. Keith plays up to 9 instruments at the same time, and Reimer, with her years of training in the classical academy, has the skill to never waver from the beat as she brilliantly predicts Keiths' every move. A treat for both the eyes and the ears. If you like ESG, cold wave, feeling spellbound or simply love good pop hooks that you will be humming for days after, this is the band for you.


UN- titled (self-released on CD) Feb 14, 2013
UN- Begun (released on tape by Dub-Ditch-Picnic) May, 2012