Unpaid Debt

Unpaid Debt



Perhaps it’s about being in the right place at the right time, perhaps it’s about hard work and dedication.
For Sydney’s punk rockers Unpaid Debt it’s about both.
So when the opportunity came up to support their life long idols, a dream became a reality and a burning desire to excel was augmented. Having the chance to perform alongside the Bouncing Souls twice would definitely have been a pivotal point for the career of Sydney’s Unpaid Debt. Firstly the US punkers took them under their wings, treated them as equals and gave them a chance to impress and be impressed. Secondly it saw the more formal introduction to the Frenzal Rhomb lads who, on the same tour took such a liking to the four piece couldn’t look past them as inclusions on Lindsay’s ‘Rock Against Howard’ Compilation with their anthemic track Call it a Day. It also forged a solid friendship with the fellow Sydneysiders. Thirdly and possibly most notably, it was only a few weeks after these gigs that saw the Unpaid Debt crew get chosen from over three thousand entrants to win the illustrious and extravagant New South Wales edition of the Unearthed competition held by national radio station Triple J. Verity the unearthed track was added to Triple J rotation, hit No 6 in the net 50 and was added to the hottest 100 nominations.
But it doesn’t stop there…

No strangers to sharing the stage with the big guns, you name them Unpaid Debt has probably supported them. The Mad Caddies, Goldfinger, Against Me!, New Found Glory, Guttermouth, The Hard-Ons, The Vandals, less than Jake, Melincolin, NO FX are just a few that spring to mind.
Need further proof?

After turning heads on a support show with US legends Lagwagon in 2003, the band asked for Unpaid Debt to tour nationally alongside them in October of 2004. Hours upon hours on the road has become an experience all too familiar for the band and can only be equalled by the amount of hours spent in the recording studio.
Past History

Since their formation in 2000, Unpaid Debt recorded their first six-track EP The Sucker Punch and a year later recorded another ten tracks for their second EP Talk to the Hand. Of which, this EP was voted as ‘CD of the Week’ in Revolver Magazine and ‘Best Local Release’ in Mixdown’s punk poll for 2001. Again a year later, this time with the help of MGM Distribution, the Ugly on the Inside EP was recorded and the track No Apologies reached the number 1 position on MP3.com’s punk charts and remained as one of the most downloaded tracks for over twelve weeks.

It was time to once again lay down tracks for their latest EP release Broken Hearts and Broken Bones this time arousing attention from the offices of Chatterbox Records who are releasing the six-track EP. Including the winning ‘Unearthed’ track Verity, the EP is set to sent the band on a National tour in November 2004. Presented by Triple J, Blunt Magazine and Bombshell Zine, it seems these guys make an impression with everything they do.

2005 - 2006
Saw the band take in almost every inch of our big brown land and forge firm fans from Sydney to Perth and also saw their Broken Hearts EP go into its forth pressing as well as a hand shake pressing deal with MGM as the demand grew for their previous recordings
Unpaid Debt spent most of their time in 05 till March 06 in the studio they demoed 48 songs for their latest recording which has been recorded at Standing Wave and produced by Lachlan Mitchell
The album titled Southern Cross Bones was released September 06 to rave reviews from Music media and fans alike, the first single has spent a lions share of time in the indie charts and on rotation on Triple J radio as well as being nominated in the Triple J Hotest 100 and having the clip aired on Rage, Channel V and MTV.
Unpaid Debt will be releasing a DVD in September 07 this is a fly on the wall doco of the last three years of the bands carreer.
Perhaps it’s about being in the right place at the right time, perhaps it’s about hard work & dedication.

Whatever it is, the Unpaid Debt crew are making a noise that is impossible to ignore.

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The Working Weak

Written By: Joseph Catanzaro

Sleeping on the cement do you blame the government,
Or do you blame yourself ‘cos you didn’t stand up to them?
When you needed to,
You know it’s true,
Coming down on me coming down on you

See a lot of talk but no action,
I don’t see no action,
Fighting all the time holds no attraction,
There’s no satisfaction.
I won’t stand in line, for left right wrong or right.

Don’t want your revolution if I can’t dance,
Don’t want your constitution if I can’t dance,

Monday Tuesday through to Friday,
I’ll be, putting the world to right.
But not on a Saturday night,
I’ll be having a good time remembering why I fight.

Unfairly dismissed, jailed like a terrorist,
No job, no trial, no bloody justice.
Suddenly it’s true,
Nothing you can do,
Coming down on me, coming down on you.

Broken hearts and broken bones,
Black and blue inside and out.

Monday Tuesday,
Tuesday Wednesday,
Thursday Friday,
Don’t want your revolution.


Written By: Joseph Catanzaro

I've been looking for a guy named Verity,
So I can score some honesty.
Stole some perspective from the local hole,
Took a hit of realism now its taking its toll.
And I've been,

Looking for truth in all the wrong places,
Looking for meaning in all the blank faces,
Searching for truth in all the wrong places,
Where do you? Where do you? Where do you find it?

On the radio, through your stereo,
Playing on the CD's and the tapes you can't live without?
Coming through in stereo, via radio,
On your broken records, records, records?

I lost my hope it was an escape rocket,
I put it down to a hole in my pocket.
Well a guy selling answers came and knocked on my door,
He said 'reality is TV you're not here anymore'

You say, turn the music down and shut up,
I say, broaden your mind and wake up.

Drinking With My Stereo

Written By: Joseph Catanzaro

Walking alone,
The presence of your absence by my side,
Memories of you,
Like bullets through my heart and in my mind.

Off my guard when I picked up the phone,
Words like fists and everyone hit home.
Said that it was painless,
But your friends and family would disagree,
If it was so painless,
Then why’s the pain still here to haunt me?
I will be…

Drinking with my stereo tonight,
Feel my pain, feeling it in stereo tonight.
Drinking with my stereo tonight,
Drinking without my best friend… Tonight.

Shell shocked and dumb,
Apology still brand new never used.
Words on my tongue,
I choke and hope you know that I miss you.

I stand in the absence of your presence,
In the presence of your absence tonight.


"Southern Cross Bones" LP
Released August 2006 through Shrine Records/Shock

"Broken Hearts...Broken Bones" EP
Released October 2004 through Chatterbox Records/MGM

"Ugly On The Inside" EP
Released September 2002 Independently / MGM

"Talk to the Hand" EP (out of print)
Released April 2001 Independently

"The Suckerpunch EP" (out of print)
Released April 2000 Independently

Set List