Unpattern Solfa

Unpattern Solfa


Our point is not to put music on a genre just see it as art. We have a lot of mixture in our music, we like every kind of music and we like to blend it of course with a base. We want for you to open your mind and your emotions towards Unpattern Solfa. Enjoy!


Unpattern Solfa was created by mastermind Danny Lugo, He played all over the Puerto Rico scene, he played drums for 2 years and have been playing guitarr since he was 12 years old. Blending styles from Tool, Pulse Ultra, Korn and some lating beats like The Mars Volta he has made this proyect get out from what is out there already. This are not 3 minutes survey's this goes far more on the art perpective, listen with a open mind and open emotions so you can feel all of them. Unpattern Solfa was created on 2006 and has been going strong today.


Demo on the works