Unreal City

Unreal City


Psychedelic, schizophrenic, time-traveling, concept album about the end of the world. It goes from The Golden through the Bronze Age of music, lands in Unreal city, where characters are introduced, and then goes on a psychedelic journey that ends in a confrontation with The Serpent.


Cooper Bombadil had the inspiration for an electronic album about the fear of technology almost a decade ago. Over the years, it amalgamated with other concepts, such as that there is a constant threat of destruction, and most of all the frustrating belief that the past is superior to the present.

Influenced by sources such as The Naked Lunch, A Clockwork Orange, and The White Album, Cooper was determined to create an album that had shifting voices, felt schizophrenic, and was displaced in time. 50s pop, classic rock, punk, electronica, jug bands, funk, heavy metal....in a certain light, the album was an excuse for Cooper to write music from all his favorite genres.

In addition Cooper wanted to create a full length, animated movie experience that audience members would watch as the band performed, and that they could also see on the internet. Each song would have a different animator to increase the schizophrenic feel.

Convinced that he would write the album before he turned 30, Cooper isolated himself in his tiny, studio apartment, and wrote the whole album using only his voice, and guitar. Dan Olson serendipitously lent Cooper his bass and a Midi keyboard, which Cooper used to add the bass and drum tracks.

Dan then suggested to Cooper that they help each other bring their respective bands to fruition, so Cooper began to play bass in Dan's band, while Dan played guitar in Cooper's. They performed immediately by accompanying themselves with an ipod that played the other instruments.

Cooper met Omar via Craigslist, and Omar jumped in, garnering more an more shows for the band.


LP - Unreal City - 2013

Set List

The Dawn of the World
The Golden Age
The Silver Age
The Bronze Age
Unreal City
The Beggar's Rant
The Rever3nd B. M**R F**R Jones
The Hanged Man
Thee Weyrd Sisters
Space Odyssey
The 7th Bardo
The Serpent