Unsacred Hearts

Unsacred Hearts



The Unsacred Hearts believe in rock and roll. They draw from a wide range of influences: formative punk rock, outlaw country, warped ’60s blues, Dylan rhymes and gutbucket soul to name a few. These and other musical strands are apparent in Unsacred Hearts music but never supplant the band’s own original noise. They play music that is loud and raw without forfeiting intelligence or experimental drive.

They grew up together in Blue Point, NY (65 miles east of NYC on Long Island’s south shore) and have operated in various formations since 1995, including most recently the power pop outfit Cold Memory. After that band dissolved, Joe Willie, who had been serving only as outboard lyricist, usurped the microphone and led the band to its current vision.

Soon after forming in late ‘03, they resolved to record their new music. Holed away in The Shack, a concrete bunker in a nondescript parking lot in Long Island City unequipped with plumbing or heating systems, the Unsacred Hearts crafted their self-titled EP. The Unsacreds’ explosive split 7” single with comrades in rock Man In Gray has also just been issued.

Unsacred Hearts shows are sweaty, beer-soaked joy rides through rock and roll past and future and have summoned comparisons to Mitch Ryder, Guided By Voices and the Ramones.


Unsacred Hearts s/t EP-Serious Business Records 2004

Unsacred Hearts/Man In Gray split 7"-Serious Business Records 2005

In Defense of Fort Useless LP-Serious Business Records-coming Fall 2005