Menacing, honest, and intelligent lyrics joined with intense, melodic music that breaks through the boundaries of genre and brand.


Hailing from Colorado, this all-original alt-metal band was formed in 2004 by Danny (guitar) and Golf (drums). Dedicated to writing interesting and thought-provoking music, the duo worked tirelessly and eventually recorded a 13-song instrumental demo.
After going through several failed auditions, the band stumbled upon Jeremy online and during the first song of his audition, it was easy for all to see that he was a perfect match. Jeremy brought menacing, honest, and intelligent lyrics to the table and was equally strong at melody and brutality.
Soon after, the band released their "Scars Resurfaced" 4-song demo. With the bass duty help of friend Nick Cirullo, (un)SAID hit the Denver bar scene hard and the band's confidence, musicianship, and stage performances continued to improve.
Since moving to Florida in October 2005, the band has been through multiple member changes. In September '07 (un)SAID saw the return of Nick to the lineup as he made the move from Colorado to Orlando to become a permanent member in the group. (un)SAID completed the team by acquiring both Steve Rufe as a second guitarist and replacing Golf with Don Cadman on drums. Steve and Don’s energy and determination shine through and the thundering sound of (un)SAID continues to be a proven unified force.
Hoping to gain national exposure and add to their growing fan base, (un)SAID's goal is to write the best music possible and to maintain integrity by following their own artistic vision.



Written By: (un)SAID

Lyrics coming soon...


"Scars Resurfaced" - 2005
"The Initial Transition" - Available 05-24-08

Set List

Typically our set list is approximately 8 songs of the following list:

Redemption is Bliss
Lost in Purity
Paranormal State
Adjacent to a Casualty