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The best kept secret in music


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Unscarred Demo 1

Check Mate
Raging Battles
Relic of Powere
Demon's Night

Line up:
David Oh: Guitars
Eddie Romero: Bass
Brian Howard: Drums
Eddie Rojas: Guitars

Warrior's Fate demo

Relic of Power
Warrior's Fate
Legacy Lunacy
Little Lick *Secret Song*

Line Up
Ben Garcia: Vocals
David Oh: Guitars
Hector Camarena III: Guitars
Eddie Romero: Bass
Brian Howard: Drums
Jarrod Buttler: Harsh Vocals


Feeling a bit camera shy


The skeleton of Unscarred started in the summer of 2001. David Oh asked Robert Castaneda and Ben Garcia if they were interested in starting a band. Dave and Robert would both be on guitar and Ben would be on drums. After a few days of playing in Dave's back room, the song that is later to be known as "Warrior's Fate" was written. The three then asked Eddie Romero if he'd like to play bass for them. Thus, the band would be a four piece, with no vocalist yet. After about a month of playing, Robert left the band to finish school.

The next year, they tried out several guitarists to fill in the Robert's spot. Eddie had been playing with Eddie Rojas for a while and asked him to sit in. Also, Dave asked Brian Howard to attend some of the practices. He asked Ben if he could sit in for one of the try out sessions, thus earning his place as the drummer. The members of the band at this time were David Oh, guitars; Eddie Rojas, guitars; Eddie Romero, bass; Brian Howard, drums.

In October of 2002, they earned a spot in the "Battle of the Bands" that was held at the Bay Lounge. Having only a month to practice, they polished up the songs they had written and prepared for the show. They managed to impress the crowd without a singer and earned almost perfect scores from the judges (10's on all sections but vocals). After the Battle of the Bands show, they went on to play several shows for the next six months and recorded their first demo with Hector Camarena during the winter of 2003.

Around spring of 2003, tension was building up between Eddie Rojas and the band. This tension eventually ended up with Eddie Rojas being kicked out of the band, leaving the second guitarist spot open once again. The three went into the studio with Hector once again to record the Warrior's Fate demo. This demo featured Ben as lead vocals, which he then took as his position in the band. Shortly after the demo was recorded, Dave and Brian planned to move to Ft. Worth. Eddie stayed behind and left the band, thus leaving the bass spot open. In Ft Worh, Joe Cooper filled in the second guitarist spot and Jarrod Butler filled in the bass spot. They stayed in Ft Worth for about 6 weeks before both Dave and Brian returned to El Paso, TX. They both went they're own ways.

In mid June of 2003, Dave asked Robert if he would return to his spot, and he accepted. Ben also returned to the band as the singer. The three started playing the old Unscarred songs and eventually started writing new material. After a couple of weeks of playing, they asked Eddie if he would return as the bass player. After a while of considering, he returned. The only spot that was yet to be filled was drums. Brian at that time originally planned to move out to Iraq with his father for a year to work as a truck driver. He instead moved to Los Angeles. He returned to El Paso about a week later. Also, at this time, the band was unaware that Brian had returned, and tried out several other drummers. The tryouts were very skeptical due to the fact that some drummers would join the band, then back out a couple of days later.

Brian ran into Eddie at a local movie theatre, and at that time, Eddie asked him if he would return to the band as the drummer. He accepted, making the band complete. Unscarred is currently working on new material, seeing them go from Power Metal band, to a more technical and musical band.