San Diego, California, USA

Unset's music is hard hitting, emotional, aggressive, and beautiful all rolled into one. Heavy riffs, soaring choruses, and gorgeous harmonies are the trademark for this popular San Diego based group.


Since their first show in MARCH of 2006, UNSET has been creating a Huge buzz in Southern California. Their music and performance has gained the respect of fans and musicians alike. UNSET has had the privilage of playing shows with well known acts such as:

UNSET's first official 4 song release was Produced in May 2006 by MIKEY DOLING, Guitarist of the Legandary band "SNOT", and engineered by BRAD DUJMOVIC in HOLLYWOOD, CA.

UNSET officially signed with GRIDIRON RECORDS (Owned by retired NFL Offensive Lineman Kyle Turley) in April 2007 and began recording their debut full length album. They are currently working on the final touches on their debut record entitled: "REMAINS of A DREAM"
which was released worldwide in spring of 2008.

The group is currently working on their sophomore album.



Written By: Frank W. Torres

Music By: UNSET.
Lyrics by: Frank W. Torres


All This Time
And all these days
Apparent has been the fallen rain
As hopes and dreams are washed away
So suffer with me and you will

Into my arms
Into my dream
Say goodnight to me and fall
Into my arms
Into my dream
Say Goodnight to me and fall

All This Fear
I’m keeping in
All my sentimental scars are feeding me
Understand the fact of understanding that the taste for life was what I lacked so
Standing by my side is not an easy ride decide if you can now accept that and…

Into my arms,
Into my dream.
Say goodnight to me and fall
I’ll show you all the ways you thought you’d never be.

How can you say to me
That you don’t feel the same?
How can you say to me
That you don’t feel this pain?
Don’t shed a tear for me
Just take my hand and float away
I’ll close your eyes with my kiss
I’ll seal your breath with my lips
Just say the word and I will take care of all of this
Just embrace the pain
Just die a little each day

Fall into my arms I want you to die with me tonight
Say goodnight to me and
I’ll show you all the ways you thought you’d never be

Drowning Summer

Written By: Frank W. Torres

Drowning Summer
Music by Unset.
Words by Frank W. Torres

"What’s the point in living?"
She said to me.
I understood her sadness,
she understood me.
Two as one with nothing left now to believe
and as the days turn into years... the falling of our dreams.
I thought I would be something...
I thought I could be strong.
It took the pain of living to convince me I was wrong.
After everything I’ve been through she's the only one who sees
that a feather in the rain is just its destiny.

Like the burning of the trees
Like the falling of the leaves
The Beginning of the end
The Remains of every dream.
When all is said and done,
all shade will turn to grey
just know that I am done,
and I want you here with me.

Lying here beside you after all these years
still feels the same as always,
still reminds me of my tears.
You took away my emptiness and understood my fear
and now I’m left with nothing but a shell of something real.
so I’ll look the other way,
and I’ll turn away my face.
Now I’ll sacrifice the warmth of your embrace.
Now I’ll spend my time reflecting on the Shit that I have done.
I’ve ruined my whole life.
I threw away the one.



Written By: Frank W. Torres

Words by Frank W. Torres
Music by Unset.

We stand alone.
So separate from what we... were raised to be.
This is the time...
to rise up against… the ignorance of the
mom and daddy figures we've all come to know.
Recognize the “know it alls� don't know a thing at all.
I'm sick of wasting all my energy on pleasing them.
I've got a life of my own.
I don't see it any other way.

I'm Sick
of bending and breaking
Fuck your bullshit I'll do everything,
All the things I’ve dreamed about!
And now it’s ON! What the fuck do you know?
Just because you’ve given up,
Doesn't mean I’m gonna be like you!

Time is of the essence
when you're counting down the minutes
as all the youth that you posses will surely drift away.
Now, you can listen to the sirens' song
and tell your friends to sing along,
while drowning in Naivety,
That's not the Fucking Life for me!



UNSET. - 4 song (Demo) - 2006

UNSET. - Remains of A Dream (Full Length) - 2008

Set List

Typical set example:

Eyes Wide Open (3:37)
Fall (3:44)
Nothing's Changed (4:14)
Hush (3:24)
Walls (5:19)
Stay With Me (2:47)
Alone Like You (3:31)
Sick (3:48)
Drowning Summer (4:30)

We generally do 8- 9 songs per set.
We don't cover songs often but if we do throw one in our set it is usually an 80's pop hit re-done in our own hard rock style.