Unshin is a Japanese singer-songwriter, Megumi Miyoshi and two UK based musicians, Thijs Hendricks and Henry Readhead. We're in the final stages of recording our debut album "Waltz for Broken Dolls" which is a concept album that tells the story from start to end about a young girl growing up under the strict pressures of Japanese society but manages to stay on her own path and find herself as an individual. Each track of the album has been written specifically to fit the feel of the story rather than a genre of music. This has created a completely unique sounding album that has drawn upon and fused many different styles of music. To find out more about us come to www.unshin.co.uk or come and join us on www.myspace.com/unshinmusic



Written By: Megumi Miyoshi

Running (Translated into English)

Verse 1

Chased by the sound of sirens
I ran, unaware of my numbing legs
Where am I heading to
with such a dried throat and desperate eyes

Chorus 1

This is not what I wanted
I just had to run not to be trapped
How far am I supposed to go on for? I haven't got a clue.
And there comes moments of doubt - to be or not to be, to go on or to give up.
Oh, someone get me out of here.

Verse 2

Strangers would see me and only see a chained dog barking 'sour grapes',
unable to fit-in but unable to get away.
Who, then, would ever understand?
Who would come and erase the marks of restraint from my wrists?

Chorus 2

My mind is flooded by questions with no answers
but I proudly hold up my broken white wings
Do I regret it? - No way.
I'm out of breath but I just can't stop


I thought you'd stay by my side
even if the path I had chosen was different from everyone else's
But now I can no longer see 'my place to be,'
that would've been there if I'd chosen to stay chained

Repeat Chorus 1 then 2

Memories And Tears

Written By: Megumi Miyoshi

on a cold day your warmth (heat?) would hold me
you would find me no matter where I am

spent the same night and watched the same down.
the light that seemed to last forever

alone in this empty room I push the headphones against my ears
so I won?ft notice that you?fre gone.

the bleeding wound you have healed
the tears only you knew about.

no matter how far we are apart,
always holding your hand in mine

alone in this empty room I push the headphones against my ears
there shouldn?ft be such a pain that you can?ft even cry about

alone in this empty room I push the headphones against my ears
I closed my eyes, seeking your warmth.

Forgotten Sky

Written By: Megumi Miyoshi

This world is overflowing with how many unwanted things?
Maybe I?fm one of them

I?fm comforted by the fading view that?fs wrapped around me.
The sky?fs there, and yet nobody realizes it.

Perhaps there?fs not many people that remember what?fs important to them
It?fs a difficult question to recall in such a city

?gDon?ft stop walking, stay in pursuit of your security
If you rest your weary body the game will be over?h

Sometimes I can?ft understand why I?fm living in such a sad world

I was just standing and watching the city
Somehow suddenly a tear started to fall
There?fs so many lovely clothes in this city
But I couldn?ft find what I wanted


We current don't have any releases but we're in the final stages of recording our debut album "Waltz For Broken Dolls".

Set List

Waltz For Broken Dolls Set List
Since When
Memories And Tears
Artificial Pleasures
Forgotten Sky
Love Song
For My Friend
The Face
Waltz For Broken Dolls

Each tracks is accompanied by an animation to explain the story.