Leiston, England, GBR

Unshin is a UK based, 6 piece band that fuses many styles of music from Rock to Funk and Ska to deep Portishead style grooves. The live performance of our story telling, debut album "Waltz for Broken Dolls" blends this unique style and animations into an unmissable, Japanese musical experience.


Unshin started as a 3 piece writing team, we started writing songs together and after a few tracks came up with the idea of "Waltz for Broken Dolls" a story about a young girl growing up under the strict pressures of Japanese society but manages to stay on her own path and find herself as a individual. Each track is written specifically to fit the story rather than a genre of music. This created a completely unique sounding album that has drawn upon and fused many different styles of music.
In the process of creating the album and starting to gig we met the rest of the band members that in some way or another have contributed to the album.
For our live performance we have collaborated with a Japanese animator Mai Yoshida who has created animations for each track off the album, we project the animations above the band during the performance. This along with the dynamics of the music has created a totally unique and colourful musical experience.


We are in the process of recording our debut album "Waltz for Broken Dolls" which is planned to be released in 2010.

Set List

"Waltz for Broken Dolls"
1. Since When
2. Drug
3. Memories and Tears
4. Artificial Pleasures
5. Forgotten Sky
6. Doll
7. Running
8. Love Song
9. Evidence
10. For My Friend
11. The Face
12. Waltz for Broken Dolls