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Breaking down the barriers and bridging the gaps, Unsmokables will move you. The show is a non-stop explosion of music and dance, sure to excite every crowd encountered. When not on stage Unsmokables work in the community, conducting seminars and workshops in the arts, dedicated to helping youth.


The Unsmokables have been making their rounds in the Bay Area for 2 full years, and embarked on a very successful tour last spring. Chicago, Denver, and Portland are just a few of the cities where Unsmokables have left their mark. This fall the Unsmokables will make their television debut on Fox's new hit series “The Next Great American Band” (airing 10/19/07). They were picked out of a pool of 17,000 bands nationwide to participate in this new show by the producers of American Idol.

The year, 2005.
The birthplace, Oakland, CA.
While working at a public middle school, two musically driven artists, Arlen G. (keys) and Kwictime (drums) crossed paths. It was clear to them that they would be creating music for the entire world to enjoy. From the first jam session at Arlen's apartment, an immense energy projected through this group. Collectively composing scores that eventually hit the stage, they drew fans from all over the Bay Area.
After a few weeks exchanging innovative sounds, Unsmokables was ready to bring in another dimension, Shidi O (M.C.) brought an explosive level to their sound as the narrator and the voice of Unsmokables. It was now time to share their talent with the world.
San Francisco was the first to be introduced to Unsmokables making their debut appearance at the Royale in North Beach. Filling the house with non-stop intensity and conscious music, the club was packed until closing.
Several performances later in 2006, Unsmokables felt the need to expand their family. Welcoming Bo, the female voice, they marked a new era in this non-extinguishable group. Her soultry sound was what Unsmokables had been anticipating in order to produce their music on a larger scale through collaborating and sharing their visions.

The Movement is born

Unsmokables (n., pl): The synthesis of a unique group of musicians uniting to form a progressive vision of music, created completely live and always fresh.


EP (2005), single "Rhyme Spirit", EP (2007), singles "B Ready" and the genre breaking instrumental "Napalm", musical score for the film "Rage" (2007).

Set List

Tidal Wave
Rhyme Spirit
Where 2 begin
'learn the lingo'
New Roots
B Ready
Come Together (Beatles)
Are you?
Asian Blues
La Salle
Brown Sugar (D'Angelo)

Typically we play 1 or 2 sets ranging from 45 minutes to 80 minutes. We can also play entire sets of jazz and other instrumental music