Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries


Unsolved Mysteries began as the solo, lo-fi synthpop project of Jon Lynn, but has since been reborn as a full band. RIYL: Hot Chip, Ariel Pink, Animal Collective, M83, Of Montreal, Kate Bush, Keith Sweat, Phoenix, Three 6 Mafia, Vangelis, Black Dice, Technotronic, Cameo, Hall & Oates


Self-released "Lost Love" CD now availble for sale worldwide at all 17 Marc Jacobs stores. Also available online at iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and eMusic.

Unsolved Mysteries is everything weird that you barely rehash from childhood memory. It is like watching America's Wildest Police Chases, like finding Garbage Pale Kid's Cards with hypodermic needle holes in them, or finding a dead dog in a trashbag. It's about winning five dollars jumping the neighborhood ramp on a janky BMX. It's about feeling mystic.


So far, UM has shared the stage with Dan Deacon, Thee More Shallows, Matt and Kim, Dandi Wind, Nautical Almanac, Height, King of Prussia, Lando, Coquette, Missing Children, Werewolf Unit and many others.

4-time Top 10 finalist (Electronic and Experimental categories) on OurStage.com

"Window" was featured on Okayplayer.com in Oct 07.

"Kinda Like Waking Up" was featured on the Urb magazine website in July 07.

Some Russian guy bootlegged the album on his LiveJournal.. and we think that's pretty cool

Excerpt from Mumur magazine cover story, April 2007:

Musically speaking, the band's members come from a variety of different directions and this is the first pop-oriented project for all of them. Jon says, "The last real band I was in was a death metal band in high school... I was the singer, and it was kind of a high-pitched banshee-type thing... Genesis' 'Invisible Touch' was the first album I really listened to, and it's always been my favorite album, because when I heard it first, it was just on the radio, and without any real subjective views I just liked it. Shortly after that I got into rap 'cause my friends were into it, and I started to realize that music is more than music... I was recording mixtapes... Wearing a Deon Sanders jersey, a cross chain, and I had a fresh fade. That got boring quick... Music is more than music. It's a way of life," says Jon.


"Lost Love" (LP, self-released)
11 tracks, 42 min.
Nov. 2006

Set List

typical set:

1. So Weak
2. Blood
3. Hear The Voices
4. Calling on the Telephone
5. Talk Talk Talk
6. Falling In Love
7. Inch
8. Kinda Like Waking Up
9. Childhood Love

Usually 40-50 minutes total. We don't really do covers. We were talking about learning the Golden Girls theme song though.