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Latisha Channann Holloway, better known to others as “UnSpoken” was born on the south side of Chicago Illinois, to Shirley Holloway and Robert Scott, on March 25th, 1981.

Growing up was rough. In 1989 after years of continued drug use, the man know to her as daddy gave up fighting his addiction and left home. Latisha was 8 years old. Her mother now faced with raising two young children alone, eventually buckled under the pressure. This is when Latisha found her pen. Years past and as she continued to grow into talents she faced many oppositions. It was the streets versus the arts and often enough the streets won.

In/around 1998 a place called “The Underground” was opened on the south side of Chicago. This was in Latisha’s opinion one of the best things that could have happened to hip-hop and the open mic. This is when Latisha(known to her peers then as Knowledgeable) found her voice. Now using spoken word as an outlet she was finally able to release all of the frustrations that were built up inside of her. She felt like she had to speak, so she made it her business to speak about everything that everyone else was to scared to speak about. She figured why speak if your words have no affect on the people who hear them. So reflecting on the days to come and realizing her task ahead, she changed her name to “UnSpoken” and took off hitting every open mic the train could get her to.

In 1999 after beginning kicked out of catholic highschool for beginning “too over the top” she graduated from H.L. Richards High. She was accepted into four colleges including Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, but decided to join the United States Army in order to become all she thought she could be. Little did she know, that this was the just the beginning and God had some major plans for her life. The following year she was given an honorable discharge, regained a relationship with her father, gave birth to her daughter and was sent home. Now returning back to the same place she tried for years to escape she felt, hopeless, lost and alone. So she did the only thing she thought she could and moved 2500 miles away to a small town called Bremerton Washington. For the next five years Unspoken moved several times(back and forth between Washington and Chicago)hosted and performed at several open mics. She won Numerous poetry slams, appeared on local television and radio stations(in both Chicago and Washington) and performed in many night clubs, cafes, parades and other venues. In March of 2005 she released her first underground album entitled “Invisible Foot Steps”. With the help of Piero and her friends from Shake Down Productions she sold over 3000 copies, but with everything looking up, something was still missing. It was then that she realized that God was that “something”.

n June of 2005 she packed up again, this time following God and moved to Lafayette Louisiana. She still goes by the name UnSpoken, but she now knows that it means” my words are not spoken until I speak, but because I’m chosen God Speaks through me”. Her favorite Bible versus comes from Ephesians 6:19-20 and she lives accordingly. Latisha is now under the very supportive leadership of Pastor Loyd Joiner Jr and attends Progressive Baptist church. She serves as an active youth leader, a member of the P.I.C choir and the P.B.C. Prison Ministry. Currently you can hear her tracks on several underground and internet radio stations including Vocalied Ink radio and R.S.L Radio.

As UnSpoken Continues to trust God she ask that you remember her in your prayers and you support her ministry. For contributions and booking information please contact Get Soul PRODUCTIONS @ INFO@GETSOULPRODUCTIONS.COM