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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
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The best kept secret in music


"Music City Mayhem Awards!!!"

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY (4/4/12)—Founded over six years ago as a means for longtime friends to connect through a common interest, Madisonville’s Unspoken has since risen in the so-called musical ranks and has even garnered some “big time” attention as of late—and for good reason. Along with being “adopted” by the Nashville, TN music scene, the band is also set to appear on VH1's "War of Rock," will be playing an array of exciting shows, and is even working toward releasing a new album sometime in the near future. Yet, for all their success and changes in approach over the years, the members of Unspoken still remain as true friends and continue to play music for the right reasons.

To find out more on their latest accomplishments, what they’re up to these days, and what they are brewing up in the future, yours truly was able to catch up with Unspoken songwriter and guitarist, Kevin Offutt (pictured to the right).

An interview conducted with the down-to-earth musician and founding Unspoken member is as follows:

Luke Short: Give me a rundown of the band for those unaware of your existence. What genre of music do you play these days, who are the members, where do you play, etc.?

Kevin Offutt: If you had to define us as genre-specific I would say we are a rock/progressive rock band. Every member brings something a little different to the table. We never want to box ourselves in or confine our music to one sound. We as a band agree that, as an artist, you don’t want to sound the same in every song on your album; you want to have a variety of counterparts that are fresh yet eclectic. The key to that is finding one universal medium that blends the differences and brings everything together. In other words, you want to find “the Gravy”. As far as members, the original lineup from Unspoken includes Brad Wilson (lead vocals) and myself (songwriter/guitarist) as well as John “Yanni” Pierce (guitars/vocals) and Adam Orear (bass/vocals). Our former drummer Marcus Long could not continue with Unspoken as he had to relocate to Bowling Green, KY for Personal reasons. We all remain friends and wish him the best. With the future and direction of Unspoken at hand it was a mutual agreement between Marcus and Unspoken that he was unable to continue. Our newest ‘semi-member’ is Kyle Shock (drums/vocals) of Clarksville, TN. Kyle is an outstanding performer and is the former member of Sintonik, where he was on tour with Tantric last year. Kyle brings experience and vast dynamics to Unspoken. We are in the early stages of replacement although we hope to confirm him as an official member to Unspoken soon. We met Kyle through our friends in Transcend the Fallen, which we suggest everyone check out online! They are producing some really great music as well and we hope to plan a “Home Town” show soon here in Hopkins County and have them with us. As far as most of our shows, they are in Nashville, TN at venues such as Exit/Inn, 12th & Porter, The Hard Rock Café, Gavin DeGraws new club, The National Underground, and Red Rooster Nashville. We reside in Hopkins County, but we felt as Unspoken that we needed to place ourselves in as many areas as possible to spread the name and grow as artists.

LS: As you told me prior to the interview, Unspoken was recently chosen as Music City Mayhem’s “Adopted Nashville Band.” Since you all are actually based in Madisonville, KY how does it feel to know that musicians two hours away dig your music that much?

KO: Yes, we were nominated for the award. Music City Mayhem & Dungeon Promotions are companies we hadn’t had the previous chance to work with before. We were notified a couple months ago that we had been nominated for the preliminary voting to determine the nominees for the category of Nashville’s adopted band of the year, which is simply explained as follows: we do not hold residence in the town of Nashville so we couldn’t be considered for a few other awards from Music City Mayhem, although they do have a category for artists that live outside the community and are part of the rock scene in Nashville. Once the voting had ended, we were chosen as one of the five nominees. That in itself was an honor as it showed hard work and pounding the pavement does actually pay off for recognition. The fact that we were nominated in a category of any measure with such bands as The Sammus Theory or Down Slave was an accomplishment to us.

LS: Also on the award, how did you all react when you got the news and did you have to do anything special to be involved?

KO: John and I arrived at the event last Saturday [March 24th, 2012] and quickly realized that this was a bigger event than we anticipated. We quickly as possible found parking - by the way, Nashville is a polar opposite to Hopkins county in this situation - and made our way into the event as we were greeted with backstage passes and a humble congratulations for the nomination from the staff at the event. I forced my way in within viewing distance of the stage to catch a few of the performing acts at the event as there are some amazing artists in Nashville. A few performances into the show and Ray LeGrand from a company named Nashville Metal Bands (NMB) started to announce a few awards. Our category was in the first wave of awards. At this point I was not much on anticipation as I said before we felt humbled just to be there and up against some of the finest artists around. As he opened the ballot and announced Unspoken as the Music City Mayhem Nashville adopted band of the year 2012 I quickly thought back to earlier in the week. I had spoken to Tony Stone of 102.9 the Buzz the Thursday prior to the awards and he had shared that we were growing in popularity in the Nashville rock scene. I had quickly thanked him but never really took in the meaning of what he was saying until this point. John and I were speechless. You see, in Nashville an artist quickly starts to notice that Nashville is a melting pot for musicians, and everywhere you go there is someone performing. It’s a bit overwhelming at first and a bit nostalgic playing on some of the very stages as the influences that you look up to. Just the fact of being on the ballot was an achievement for Unspoken and to take it further and by being voted the winner was just unconsidered.

LS: What’s up with upcoming shows? You mentioned a show coming up on April 6th. Is that going to be an “on-air” show?

KO: Yes the show you’re speaking of is on April 6th, 2012 at The Red Rooster in Nashville, which is yet another great place to play. The event is the pilot show for 102.9 The Buzz—the biggest rock station in Nashville. They are planning on having a weekly or bi-weekly concert series and we were asked to perform at the first show. Tony Stone will be broadcasting live at the event and will have Callie Q, a ‘Buzz Rock Girl,’ there as well. Along with Unspoken, Snow Black Sunday and Bow Echo will be performing.

LS: What are the next big things for Unspoken other than simply blowing minds? What’s the deal with the VH1 “War of Rock” series? Are you all making an appearance on the show and and when/where can people catch that?

KO: The VH1 “War of Rock” series is a TV show that is currently being filmed by Tom Stokes and Mark Slaughter of the band Slaughter, Actor Greg Ingram [ of Sin City fame] and artist Phoenix Benjamin along with other celebrities. They’re filming in different cities in the US and I am not sure of an actual air-date. We will be featured on the Episode 2 and when I am contacted about it airing I will put info on all of our social media sites. It is a competition, but also a great thing War of Rock is doing by exposing a lot of bands that might never get the chance to get their name out there. A big congratulations to our friends Transcend the Fallen as they won the War of Rock in the episode we will be featured on. As far as the next things to look for from Unspoken, we are currently in talks with management and producers for our debut album. We have a few studios and producers and management in Nashville, Knoxville, and Los Angeles we are looking at for recording and engineering. We started out Unspoken as acoustic and quickly grew into a fully electric band and have many new songs that you will only catch live or on YouTube until the album comes out other than the “Thought & Theory” EP that is out now on all major music sites. As far as shows/tours we are in talks with promoters and plan this summer to attempt to travel to Hayward, Wisconsin; Bloomington, Illinois; Chicago, Illinois; and sites in Michigan. There are no set dates at this time other than Nashville and a local show, but when we confirm we will have them posted on all major social sites.

LS: I know you all had some music out before, but you mentioned that Unspoken might be putting out their debut album soon. Tell me more about that and your connections out west (LA, CA, etc.).

KO: You can find our “Thought & Theory” album on all major music sites including iTunes, Google Music, tower records, Napster, Sound Cloud, Reverb Nation, etc. A lot of the links mentioned as well as others and news and show information can be found on our official website, www.UnspokenNation.com.

As far as the connections in California, we would rather not make public knowledge until there is more of a solid agreement. We do have a strong connection with a few people there that we feel can help Unspoken push to where we need to be as artists and have a solid product for the public.

LS: What kind of songs are you working on at the moment?

KO: Our sound has evolved and progressed as we transition from acoustic to electric. As far as new material it is a bit more heavy and with more driving guitar riffs along the lines of A Perfect Circle, Chevelle, Blackstone Cherry.

LS: Has the band become self-sustaining yet as far as money goes? Is that even a goal? Why or why not?

KO: We all currently still work our day jobs. We all have wonderful, caring families that support our music. With today’s musicians it’s not a ‘flight by night’ scenario where one day you’re broke the next you have a million dollars. Maybe if you played the lottery that might happen. But hard work, pounding the pavement and key business decisions are the best way to have a sustainable career as a musician. It’s a friendship but also a business. To have a successful band I personally feel that you strive to maintain a constant connection to your fans and make the best possible choices for the band as you would if you were running your own business here in Madisonville.

LS: Where can people find your music right now?

KO: On any major music marketplace. There are links to a lot of the places on our Facebook page and our official website.

LS: Any shout outs, thanks to the fans, etc. are welcome right here…Seriously, anything you want to say at all…

KO: We personally would like to thank God first and foremost for blessing us with the opportunities we have had the chance to share together. Our families for unconditional support and time it takes to run a household and pursue your dream. Our children for being the inspiration to be better men and better fathers. And especially all of our fans and friends who support us and promote something we believe in. We would like to personally thank the Nashville community and anyone in the rock scene there who has given us the chance to share our music. To 102.9 The Buzz for continuing to promote and play our music. 93.9 KTG and Pat Ballard for promoting our music. Music City Mayhem and Dungeon Promotions. And finally to iSurf and the Messenger for their interest in Unspoken. In closing, we invite everyone to “like” our Facebook page listed below and hope everyone that can will attend our show on 4/6/12 @ Red Rooster in Nashville for 102.9 The Buzz for support. This show is 18 & up.

To learn more about Unspoken and their upcoming shows, please click the following links:




In closing, we at SurKY News congratulate Unspoken on their success and wish them all the best in future. You present Hopkins County and Madisonville well!

Luke Short
SurfKY News
Photos provided by Unspoken/Kevin Offut

- surfky

"Music City Mayhem's Nashville adopted band of the year!!!"

Progressive rock band Unspoken are anything but silent on the Nashville scene.

The band has made its mark in the Music City, regularly playing at venues around Nashville while becoming a fixture on the city’s largest rock station, 102.9 The Buzz. Last month, the group won the Music City Mayhem Nashville Adopted Band of the Year 2012 award.

It’s been pretty humbling for the five-member band, four of whom hail from and hold everyday office jobs in Hopkins County, said guitarist and songwriter Kevin Offutt.

“We don’t go out everyday thinking we are going to be the next big thing or what not. We just love playing,” he said.

The band members grew up together, but formed Unspoken about five years ago. Offutt recalls clicking with lead singer Brad Wilson right away.

“I could hear great lyrics, but I couldn’t ever sing them,” he said. “I’m not a singer by any means. Me and him, we just work really well together, as far as putting songs together goes.”

They were soon joined by Offutt’s cousin Adam O’Rear on

see Unspoken/page axx

bass and singing harmonies, and guitarist John “Yanni” Pierce, who also sings harmonies. Kyle Shock of Clarksville, Tenn., was added on drums.

Offutt said he came up with the band’s name as kind of a play on the contrast between his quieter personality and Wilson’s outspoken one.

“There’s a lot of things in this world that are unspoken that need to be said, and the best way I know how to do that is through music,” Offutt said.

The band is most often compared to Staind, Alice in Chains and System of a Down, Offutt said, citing the former two as major influences, along with Tool and A Perfect Circle.

Unspoken began by performing gigs around Madisonville, sometimes as a cover band, along with a few acoustic shows in Nashville.

Lately, they’ve been performing at the Hard Rock Cafe, 12th and Porter and the Exit Inn. The band has built a loyal fanbase that includes many people from home, Offutt said.

“We’ve been surprised quite a few times by how many (attended),” he said. “It was a good feeling to know that people around here will actually travel that far to come and see you.”

Fans have a chance to see Unspoken play at 7:30 tonight at the Red Rooster in Nashville. The show is a pilot for 102.9 FM, which is planning a weekly or biweekly concert series, said Offutt.

The radio station will broadcast live from the Red Rooster and feature on-air personalities Callie Q. and Tony Stone. Progressive rock bands Snow Black Sunday and Bow Echo also will be playing on the program.

It was Stone’s comments about the band that were running through Offutt’s mind when he and Pierce were accepting the band’s Music City Mayhem award on March 24 at the Rutledge in Nashville.

Just a few days earlier, Unspoken was being interviewed by Stone, and the disc jockey told them they were really making a presence in Nashville. While touched by Stone’s words, Offutt said it wasn’t until he was onstage and wishing he had written a speech that he realized Stone had been serious.

Being nominated was an honor, he said, particularly being in the same category as fellow bands The Sammus Theory and Downslave.

“Once you start playing in Nashville, you realize there are so many bands and so many different artists, it’s like a big melting pot for musicians, Offutt said. “Anywhere you go, there is some type of music and some type of live performance going on.”

The band has been working steadily and looks like it will stay busy in the near future.

Unspoken is planning on venturing outside of the Music City and into the Midwest this summer. It’s in the process lining up mini-tours in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.

They are also in talks to obtain management and are looking to record their first CD soon. Unspoken has already released an EP called “Thought and Theory,” which is available through most major online music outlets, including iTunes, Amazon, Tower Records, Rhapsody and Napster.

A few months ago, the band was filmed for an upcoming television competition called “War of Rock” that they were told would appear on VH1. Once they know when it airs, Offutt said the band plans to put up the schedule on its website at www.UnspokenNation.com and its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/unspok3n.

- The Messenger


Thought & Theory EP
1.Lucid (radio edit)
3.Cover Me (feat. Adam Blythe of Sad Chapter)
5.Perfect Occasion



Unspoken dirives from the most simple but complex of lifes moments.. Friendship along with some of the most pure undoubtable, raw love for music.. Its the kind of music that you can listen to at any given point of your day.. No matter what your feeling. The Harmonies alone stand as solid pillars on a great foundation.. Simply Unspoken would like you to "Hear between the lines of the lyrics" and you just might find what you're after..