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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States | INDIE

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Rock


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Some Ol' Random Shxt - Sampler - 2004
Some Ol' Random Shxt - EP - 2005
Some Ol' Random Shxt - LP - 2005
A Whole Lotta Phuk u Music - LP Limited Edition - 2009



Hailing from Virginia and paving the way for Virginia Horror core, Unstable is pioneering the underground and taking no prisoners as they rise from the gutters as one of the wickedest rap groups of all time.

With every breath that they take and every blunt that they smoke, Unstable is spreading like an infection throughout all of Virginia's underground horror core scene.

Everything that once held color has now turned to shades of gray as a big grim cloud hovers over the Chimney top of 441 Gotham Road where a single crow stands perched motionless, because in our Towne everything is Unstable!

Everything changes... Sometime for the worse, sometimes for the better, but that's just how life is and that's how UNSTABLE lives. With intelligent minds and words of devastation, TeRReT and SuiCyde brandish there own brand of wicked shit with plans to unleash "Wide spread panic" as they storm in swift and hard infecting anyone who gets in their way, leaving no time to react.

Originality, Loyalty, Pain, & Suspense is all that can be said for now, so until something new is found keep your eyes open for UNSTABLE and always remember SOMETIMES THINGS CAN GET GRIM!

Name: TeRReT

Location: Virginia

Born: Aquarius

Hair: Dreaded

Eyes: Bloodshot

More: From the dark side of Virginia in the dismal swamp, along the shadows of eight trees and a field of marijuana you'll find the T to E to the double R E T with his random lyrics ranging from the tree of knowledge to pissing in the closet. If you want something truly random you want TeRReT...

Name: Suisyde

Location: Virginia

Born: Dead

Hair: short

Eyes: half closed

More: Known for his cold delivery and sinister plots of self mutilation suisyde offers his lyrical tactics in such a way to make the ladies melt and make the fellas wanna bump his shit all night long ... he's no monster to fuck with...