Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
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Do you believe originality still exists? Unstable is the definition of orginality in the rap world? With an awesome mix of hardcore dark rap beats, scary sound effects, and lyrics or fresh new subject matter, Unstable is a music force to be reckoned with.


Hailing from Virginia and paving the way for Virginia Horror core, Unstable is pioneering the underground and taking no prisoners as they rise from the gutters as one of the wickedest rap groups of all time.

With every breath that they take and every blunt that they smoke, Unstable is spreading like an infection throughout all of Virginia's underground horror core scene.

Everything that once held color has now turned to shades of gray as a big grim cloud hovers over the Chimney top of 441 Gotham Road where a single crow stands perched motionless, because in our Towne everything is Unstable!

Everything changes... Sometime for the worse, sometimes for the better, but that's just how life is and that's how UNSTABLE lives. With intelligent minds and words of devastation, TeRReT and SuiCyde brandish there own brand of wicked shit with plans to unleash "Wide spread panic" as they storm in swift and hard infecting anyone who gets in their way, leaving no time to react.

Originality, Loyalty, Pain, & Suspense is all that can be said for now, so until something new is found keep your eyes open for UNSTABLE and always remember SOMETIMES THINGS CAN GET GRIM!

Name: TeRReT

Location: Virginia

Born: Aquarius

Hair: Dreaded

Eyes: Bloodshot

More: From the dark side of Virginia in the dismal swamp, along the shadows of eight trees and a field of marijuana you'll find the T to E to the double R E T with his random lyrics ranging from the tree of knowledge to pissing in the closet. If you want something truly random you want TeRReT...

Name: Suisyde

Location: Virginia

Born: Dead

Hair: short

Eyes: half closed

More: Known for his cold delivery and sinister plots of self mutilation suisyde offers his lyrical tactics in such a way to make the ladies melt and make the fellas wanna bump his shit all night long ... he's no monster to fuck with...


I'm A Fiend (Can't Stop)

Written By: Unstable

Fiend fo' an unstable track
like them heads in OV
pawnin TVs to get some crack
i blaze a sack, spark a blunt and sit back,
Terrets down to blaze a sack
and we'll be right back
and that's a fact all in black when ya see me
puffin on the j-o-b, stuffed w/ the best trees
best believe, I got that greenest weed
i love x-tacy but i can't find no trip
i need another pill like a hole in my head
but its a bitch when i wanna candy flip
so take a rip, shit, and pass it to the left
hold it in real deep n' feel it all up in your chest
aint no rest when ya fuckin with the best
so fuck all y'all hoes that say i need to smoke less
U-S-P, back up in the cipha
a pound of green, that means an all nighta
pull out my buds and pack my bong a little tighta
i'll have everything i need if i can get yo lighta
i'm a fiend... i can't stop

I'm a fiend / I need some weed
What's up with some alcohol
what's up with some skee
I can't stop

It's not a fuckin habit, its a relationship
the first step to addiction is denyin the shit
i pounce on an ounze and (fiend) like a baboon
i sing to da moon, if it can hear me
maybe it's i'm crazy or the lsd
drugs for the thugs and lsd for tubs
peyote, tree, give it all to me
because i can't stop, won't stop
gonna pop, reppin my homies
homicyde, suicyde and twenty roc
unda-ground V-A like the fuckin roots
it's a speedball, knock you all out ya boots
here's the gat, gimme that
i won't give up my stash
i'll just hit yo ass with a battle axe
and remember i can't stop that
cuz i'm a fiend...


I'm Not Crazy

Written By: Unstable

A shrink wanna know why i'm outta touch
ask my boys and they'll tell you its cuz i trip too much
i candy flip too much, and i drink too much
i'm dying anyway man like i give a fuck
the meds the asylum issued s'posed to keep me in check
but they give me flashbacks when i'm strapped in my bed
analyze me you might end up dead
my mind's always trippin, you don't want inside of my head
i'm not crazy your the one who's crazy
ya fuckin psychiatrist, can't faze me
you amaze me, tying me down to keep me alive
but i ain't had a pulse since da suicyde!

Step to me bitch, your gonna get broke
when i pull my fuckin trigga all you see is gunsmoke
i'll pull my fuckin knife out, slit ya fuckin throat
sew the peices back together, make myself an overcoat
and even if you can't see me comin
your bitch ass betta start runnin
cuz i'm a big scary mutha-fucka
realize ain't no mistakin' me for anotha
i'm the T to the E to the double R - E - T
your best bet would be to run the fuck away from me
so what i kill little kids and old ladies
i'm still not crazy, you're the one who's crazy

They put me in the mental institution
and all I want now is restitution
for the solution they gave me
but i'm not crazy, you're the one who's crazy

Let me tell you all how it came to be
how i ended up in agonyville asylum cemetary
well i was about the age of nineteen
still in my playful days, thought i could play with rage
then i was cast away, to a plastic cage
thick fuckin glass to protect you from my ass
well i was known to keep it real in my town
so when cats talked shit i had to throw down
till one day, someone called me normal
wigged out, killed the mutha-fucka
made him part of the paranormal
i felt no remorse for the deeds i'd done
but it finally caught up with me
made me wanna kill myself and everyone
so i started to roam the streets of Agonyville
always searchin for fix styled of them killin fields
so i'm set in Agonyville, till the day i lost it
escaped to the roof with my body then i tossed it
now in the afterlife with all these victims of mine
i was sent as a ghost to remain my infinite time
(HOOK - 2X)
Slit my wrists and I bleed a little bit
then I sew it back together with a butterfly stitch
my mental pain and anguish is estranged
so I make me a noose from a 20 pound chain and hang
i ain't insane, suicydes just my thing
not just my name, it's all of what I'm about
so shut your mouth unless you're gonna help me
cut my mutha fuckin throat out now
I overdose, come back as an acid rap ghost
lace a track and most of y'all wanna be like me
cuz my L.P. is lyrical L.S.D.
it'll drive ya crazy


Some Ol' Random Shxt - Sampler - 2004
Some Ol' Random Shxt - EP - 2005
Some Ol' Random Shxt - LP - 2005
A Whole Lotta Phuk u Music - LP Limited Edition - 2009

Set List

Welcome To The Underground
Dibble Dabble
Who Am I
420 In The Morning
Slo Up
Bounce Or Die
Ain't That Kinda Party
This represents a typical set list. It is about a 30 minute set, but can be extended for an hour or more. This is all original music, no covers.