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"Feel Good" music has been reborn. Unstable's idea for the Future of Hip-Hop is to make a smooth combination of Hip-hop and R&B for all ages. NEW YORK CITY IS BACK!!!


Webster dictionary definitions the word Unstable as being:
A) Liable to change or fluctuate quickly.
B) Unpredictable, Marked by emotional instability.

Both definitions accurately describe this Harlem born and raised native. The nature of his style, his natural aura of talent and energy takes you on a past, present and future ride thru his life and thoughts. His lyrics paint a mental and rhythmic picture of realism and truth.

Unstable has been performing for over three years professionally but saw his quick success in 2005. Spring of 2005 Unstable took "First Place" in the Musician Minds Publishing Group Showcase in Washington D.C., to then go on and to win "First Place Overall Champion" in April of 2005 www.musicicanminds.com. May 17, 2005 Unstable was one of the first unsigned artists to open up for the Universe Soul Circus in NYC on Bronx night in front of a crowd of 2,000 people.

Being a key member in the re-growth of Platinum Dice Entertainment in 2005; Unstable credits their efforts development in him, and decides to branch off and take his music grind to the next level. Now Co-Owner of his own Entertainment Company assisting developing artists while managing his own music career; Unstable has worked even harder on his craft and his efforts placed him on various underground magazines and radio stations worldwide. From New York, Long Beach, Minnesota, France, Germany, D.C., and Philly; everyone knows the name "Unstable".

June 2006 Unstable along with his partner JE WELZ; Unstable has secured a spot with Inda Streetz Magazine in Springfield, MA as a columnist also being the NYC representative of the company interviewing artists in the music business also giving an opportunity to unsigned acts to get seen and heard by participating in various showcases in the city as one of the judges adding a music review and write-up as the top prize.

Unstable is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album "The Issue" with hot production from Omen E.M.W. (Jae Millz, Fabolous, Keith Murray) Main Event (Foxy Brown) and The Collective.

Unstable's entire standpoint is to make feel-good music. There is no need to establish a target audience, young or old, you will love the music. From the thousands of plays and comments on www.myspace.com/unstablepd he will prove to the average person that he is the next star to hit the industry. His name might throw you off but his lyrical touch and artistic flow will make you realize that you’re the one that’s really "UNSTABLE”.


Thin Line (Snippet)

Written By: Unstable

Yo Here's a story bout a young man stuck in the game wit no other sorta means to maintain had a pretty brown by his side he called jones I guess they had a couple things going on I mean together like glue sugar momie just hit 32 the man a young 18 huh u know what I mean but she was holding em down wit trips and all of types of shit pocket change when he pushin the whip uh but here's comes the twist it seems like every other women round his area she catchin a fit had a scuffle wit a shorty cuz she held his hand funny shit she was part of the fam I guess a part of her plan was to get him attached he get it her all till the point he aint tryn to turn back I guess she aint havin that nother note this was only a week so pay attention cuz this shit gets deep so understand

Rock A Bye,( Unstable Verse)

Written By: Unstable

First Four Bars

When it comes to sex I'm similar to a menace I serve ya body like a game of tennis. U got me patiatly waiting and wacthin as the day goes by hoping we can make a liuliby I wanna know uh!!

Eight in the Bridge

I aint even gonna argue how u do you cuz how u move b its soo sexy open up my buttonfly..and how I'm tryn to have u ull really understand how I a butterfly I aint like those other guys who going for self need a rockabye I'm the one to help its like hush lil baby don't u cry stables gonna ride like a lullabye

Pussy Roll

Written By: Unstable


Yo ma I know u want me
I could tell how u stare
The way u move is crazy
Wit that ass in the air
I know the night is ending
But before I could go
Cotton candy sweety go
Let me see that pussy roll

First Verse:

When I'm the spot I'm tryn to find me a winner not the ones who perpatrating knowing they a begginer I'm talkin more like a veteran wit knowledge in the field when it comes down to grindin need a woman that skilled I hold my part buy a couple drinks wit light conversation so tell ya shorties that's hating look for others that dating hitting the dance floor tryn a get good vibration the way u drop pick it up don't stop till its up is uh best believe imma press for the butt, look I aint try to be a bad boy but belive u a bad girl the way u got me falling lips to the hips got me all in like a cellphone how ya body calling and I'm ready to receive grindn so close I could tell ya split ends from ya weave in da club we aint wit romancing understand ma we be dirty dancing don't matter the size slim mommie thick in thighs tall ladies to them small fries all u gotta do is move to the beat and understand if u too wild that a be the intro for the creep uh and I like ur style up down k!
eep it wild left right on the floor we makin a child let's go

So Sick Freestyle

Written By: Unstable CP Stable Muzik

True stillz looking for someone who's real I aint even lying yo I wasn't even trying.... baad man.... for whuts worth in the long run was the lonley nigga that hurt everybody had a winner day to day had a new chick sorta like a fad everyday I had to swicth shit admit shit cuaght up in the game did some dirt nowadays situations aint the same niggas think the same speculations wit they dames voicemail like the ladies man campaign........but I can't stand rain can't stand pain so I just maintained so sick a niggas in they love jones wish I open up my love zone till I find mind I mean I found mine pretty brown brown.... uptown diva wit a thugged out style you already know so I spit mines heavy lil problem o.t. Now she kinda hold me down... The sideline hating,,, fam mad she aint got the same thing waitng home when she get in I get in its all love fast or I take it slow zoning off the radio.. quiet storm make her scream till its thundering one woman man others maad got em wondering


"P*ssy Roll", "BackStabbers", "Lets Get Down", "Ma Whut It Do?"
All songs are played on:
www.klbc.org (long Beach,CA), www.kfai.org 90.3fm (Minneapolis) 106.7fm (Saint Paul) 91.9 fm (NY), 88.1 FM (Greenvale,NY), 90.3Fm (Philly) www.webradiowcwp(NY) 1040AM (Long Island, NY)
Roc T.V. (E-40 D.V.D Soundtrack)

Set List

10 minutes 2-3 songs. Explicit or Non-Explicit.