Untamed Click

Untamed Click

BandHip Hop

Self- promoting despite others’ feelings,
Holding no punches at the microphone;
Sending “eargasms” to their listeners


A style of their very own is what happens when Cat and Kev-D take the stage. Cat’s music career jumped off at the age of ten when he first put pen to paper and started writing music. Cat states, "I remember listening to mainstream rappers’ songs and learning them word for word. All the while I was thinking, I can make my own songs".

Inspired by his older brother who was a rapper with a local group, Kev-D started rapping around the age of eight.Undeniably, he’d follow in his brother’s footsteps to become the rapper that he now is.

Although many characteristics set Untamed apart from the rest, their uniqueness as a group is education. Having parents who always stressed, “Nobody likes a dummy” was their motivating force to learn as much as they could and become demographically versed. Untamed’s fan base encompasses teachers, lawyers, college students and professional sport figures while still lending a shout to the “hood”.