Until Chaos

Until Chaos

 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Until Chaos is about change! It starts now! A blanket party on your senses, a philosophical mind punch!!! A band whose soul purpose is to restore order to the music industry through the means of 'Rock n Roll'. It's time to groove, it's time to elevate, it's time to open up to being free!!!



Until Chaos is an American Rock anomaly exploding out of the Southwest music scene from Albuquerque, New Mexico (referenced by the band as 'Chaos City') created in 2009. Its current members serving are: Diablo, Riggs, KAJ, and Tank. As seen on Mayhem Fest 2011, Until Chaos has won every battle of the bands they have ever touched stage on. Until Chaos has shared the stage with very diverse and legendary acts such as: Scorpions, Tesla, Mushroomhead, Megadeth, Hed P.E., and many more. Until Chaos is known by their theatrical, wild, show stopping live performances, dressed in military black uniforms accented with red unit patches known as ‘BDFU’s’ . With classic- rock infused riffs, vocal-powered melodies, and attitude, this creates an old school/new school sound with music that is familiar yet the experience will leave you shell shocked. Until Chaos is a MUST SEE band in which their live shows demand your attention, participation, and open-mindedness. From catchy tracks to clever lyrics, Until Chaos has mastered the art of effective song writing. This modern rock band with an old soul has been a long time coming.


Album: Together We Rise
1. Coprophagus
2. Caveman
3. The Wicked
4. One Gun Salute
5. Together We Rise

Two singles have been released since summer 2010, 'Coprophagus' and 'One Gun Salute'. Both singles are on the Until Chaos independent released EP entitled 'Together We Rise'. The EP has produced regional success, furthermore, propagating an increasing fan base. Until Chaos is featured on several radio stations in the Albuquerque area and throughout New Mexico. Also performing live on KTEG 104.1 The Edge & KZRR 94.1 (94Rock).

Set List

Set List for Mayhem Fest 2011

- Coprophagus
- Sex, Guns, and Rock n Roll
- Priests & Politicians
- High on Fire
- One Gun Salute
- Whiskey Dick