Until Eternity

Until Eternity


From high energy melodies to low end breakdowns Until Eternity is a band that will leave you wanting more. Aimed at pleasing the crowd and staying dance friendly Until Eternity give 110% at all times while sharing the love of Jesus Christ.


In a time when "standing out" for a band seems impossible, Until Eternity has stepped up to the challenge. Best known for their live performance, the UE boys are ready to take on any stage, giving 110% at all times. Their music ranges from high energy melodies to low end breakdowns. They are definetly a band aimed at "pleasing the crowd" staying dance friendly, while still keeping an original sound. Started in '04, the band has gone through many lineup changes, and took almost a year off, but with recent additions and a new outlook, Until Eternity is aiming high with a few simple goals: sharing the love of Jesus Christ, making friends, and rocking faces!


Grave Mistake

Written By: Ben Palmer (Until Eternity)

When theres no room left in hell
the dead will walk the earth

We dig these shallow graves
and bury all of our regrets
in hopes that these mistakes
will never see the light of day

Time was never on our side
we take for granted

The rain will wash up the past
and bring out your dead
the floods will wash up the truth
the rain will wash up the past
and bring out your dead

Remember no more
the words were whispered so softly

Turn back from this cold world
into his loving arms


We've independantly released three demo's doing home recordings, and recording with Evan Burcke in Orlando, Fl and Grim Face Studios in North Port, Fl.

Set List

Six Songs
1. Second Chance
2. E = MC Hammer
3. Goodfellas
4. Rolling Thunder
5. Grave Mistake
6. Untitled