Untimely Demise
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Untimely Demise

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Metal Thrash Metal


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"'a neat balance between Arch Enemy and Kreator.' -Decibel"

'Untimely Demise, Systematic Eradication (Punishment 18): Unlike Toxic Holocaust, Untimely Demise’s brand of thrash is devoutly Eurocentric, and unlike Warbringer (see below), they know what they’re doing on their new record. Slickly recorded and performed and with a strong sense of dynamics as well as intricacy, the Canadian band take a big step forward on the follow-up to 2010’s City of Steel, coming across as a neat balance between Arch Enemy and Kreator. Songs like “Spiritual Embezzlement” and “Somali Pirates” are absolute scorchers, while “The Last Guildsman” and “Revolutions” showcase lead shredder/vocalist Matt Cuthbertson’s greatly improving melodic sensibility. Highly recommended. -Adrien Begrand

Published online on October 30, 2013* - Decibel Magazine

"Untimely Demise have pulled off the impressive trick of making their complex music sound easy -Metal Hammer UK"

'Sophisticated thrash with deathly touches'

Untimely Demise
'City Of Steel'
(War On Music)

"UNTIMELY Demise's debut album is full of dynamic riffs, all of which lay the foundations for a promising continuation to the Canadians' young career. 'Virtue In Death' and 'Hunting Evil' get everything off to a rousing start, with Matt Cuthbertson's vocals proving he owes quite a lot to the influence of Kreator's Mille Petrozza. The trio also hint at Carcass and At The Gates, in that they can be very melodic without ever compromising their brutal impact. 'Unmaker' is a fine example of this, Matt's intricate guitar work complementing the rhythmic ferocity of bassist Murray Cuthbertson and drummer Scott Cross. Untimely Demise have pulled off the impressive trick of making their complex music sound easy. [7]

Malcolm Dome - Metal Hammer Magazine UK, Issue 215, March 2011, pg 84

"old school thrash metal that reminds most of Kreator and Destruction” – Blabbermouth"

. - Blabbermouth.net

"This is some seriously sweet blackened thrash. They play a great style of thrash, but on top of that, the leads and solos on these songs are definitely something to take notice of. -Metal Sucks"

Untimely Demise – City Of Steel (Sonic Unyon Recording Company)

This is some seriously sweet blackened thrash. This is the Saskatchewan crew’s debut effort, and they are impressive as hell. They play a great style of thrash, but on top of that, the leads and solos on these songs are definitely something to take notice of. Sonic Unyon is a small label for sure so this may be difficult to find, but definitely seek it out.

http://www.metalsucks.net/2011/09/13/shit-that-comes-out-today-the-september-13-2011-edition/ - Metal Sucks.net

"“This intense strain of blackened thrash shows that Canadians really love their metal and take its exercise seriously.” – Hails & Horns"

City of Steel
(Sonic Unyon Metal)

Straight from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Ca. (a mouthful right?), come three young thrashers known as UNTIMELY DEMISE. This intense strain of blackened thrash shows that Canadians really love their metal and take its exercise seriously. In seven precisely executed songs, the three from the north craft a sound that can only be described as a cross between SKELETONWITCH and old-school IRON MAIDEN. After heavily touring in 2011 with bands such as TOXIC HOLOCAUST, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, and BONDED BY BLOOD, the Canadian trio were signed to a worldwide deal with Sonic Unyon Metal. City of Steel, which will be their first album released on the international scene, is actually a re-release of their late 2010 album of the same name. Glen Drover, of MEGADETH and KING DIAMOND fame, produced the re-released album with the band and even added in a few solos of his own. At a little over 30 minutes of transfixing music, UNTIMELY DEMISE shows that they are ready to establish themselves firmly within the metal scene. These guys know how to play and show no holding back in the execution of each song. Expect to see UNTIMELY DEMISE coming through your neck of the woods and be ready for its attack. (ML) - Hails and Horns Magazine

"“…think Annihilator meets Kreator with a touch of Chuck Schuldiner” – Terrorizer Magazine"

(excerpt from 'Reanimated', a feature discussing the thrash metal revival*)

'These days it still feels like the most genuine, sincere sounding thrash metal comes from locales far removed by any sort of 'scenes'. Untimely Demise know that firsthand. Based further North, right smack in the middle of North America, in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, whose metal exports are very few and far between, the band has had to work extra hard, not only at creating a distinct sound, but making themselves heard as band after band in America landed high profile deals when labels caught on to thrash's new wave. The effort is just starting to pay off, though, as the young proteges of (former) Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover have not only found their sound - think Annihilator meets Kreator with a touch of Chuck Schuldiner - but are about to announce a major label deal this summer.'

-Adrien Begrand - Terrorizer Magazine 'Secret History Of Thrash Metal' UK, June 2011, 89-90

"“…a culmination of Carcass’s whole-note holding patterns and melodic solos, Kreator- and Death Angel-esque vocals, Testament’s elongated arpeggios … and Death’s hammering mid-tempo onslaught… these guys are diehard enthusiasts with impeccable agility.” – "

. - Exclaim Magazine online, December 2010 - Review by Keith Carmen

"“City of Steel is a confident debut, seven tracks of slick physicality and some mighty impressive shredding… Just one album in, and they’re already looking like Saskatchewan’s best metal export since Into Eternity.” – Decibel"

'City Of Steel'
Sonic Unyon
'Contrary to the name we hope they keep going for a while'

As fun as it is to see young thrash bands replicate vintage '80s' thrash metal out of respect and pure fandom of the sound/overall aesthetic, it's even more encouraging to come across bands who are trying their damndest to take a tried-and-true formula and do something that stands apart from everything else. With just and EP and a full-length under their bulletbelts, Western Canadian trio Untimely Demise have hit the ground running with a highly technical take on the classic thrash sound, and that album, the ferocious and intricate 'City Of Steel' has just been released worldwide via Sonic Unyon.

You can tell how unique a new band is when you have a hell of a time narrowing down a comparison to just one or two bands. With 'Untimely Demise' you hear doses of Megadeth, Annihilator, and Kreator in the dexterous rhythmic riffs, Michael Amott in Matt Cuthbertson's leads, early Children of Bodom in the song structure (minus the keyboards), and in Cuthbertson's high-pitched snarl, a combination of Mille Petrozza, Jeff Walker and Sound Of Perseverance-era Schuldiner. Hell, it's probably unintentional, but 'Virtue In Death' boasts a crunchy, rhythm riff so similar to Raven it makes this writer smile. Got all that?

Either way, 'City Of Steel' is a confident debut, seven tracks of slick physicality and some mighty impressive shredding, that youthful enthusiasm reined in nicely by producer Glen Drover (he of King Diamond/Megadeth notoriety). Just one album in, and they're already looking like Saskatchewan's best metal export since Into Eternity.

-Adrien Begrand
- Decibel Magazine, Issue #85, November 2011, pg 101


'Systematic Eradication' LP (produced by Glen Drover)
(Punishment 18 Records - October 2013)

'City Of Steel' LP (produced by Glen Drover)
(released September 13, 2012 on Sonic Unyon/War On Music records)

(*singles receiving radio play: Virtue In Death, Hunting Evil, City Of Steel, Unmaker, Forger Of Belief, Streets Of Vice, Bloodsoaked Mission)

'Full Speed Metal' 7 inch (produced by Glen Drover)
(released December 2009 on War On Music records)

'Full Speed Metal' EP
(released independently May 2009)



The Thrash/Death-Metal band 'Untimely Demise' was formed in April 2006 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan by brothers Matthew and Murray Cuthbertson. The group is stamping their mark on the metal music scene by incorporating the influences of genre-leaders Megadeth, Death, Arch Enemy, Testament, Exodus, and so forth into an ambitious package that places a paramount focus on guitar-work and musicianship. In 2008 the ensemble began working with ex-Megadeth lead guitarist/producer Glen Drover in his private studio in Toronto. They have now recorded three albums together (Full Speed Metal EP 2009/ City Of Steel 2011/ Systematic Eradication 2013) Having toured Canada extensively for the last 4 years, the band has built a reputation as being a go-to group for headlining dates, but also as support for metal juggernauts such as Death Angel, Anvil, Skeletonwitch, Massacre, Suffocation, 3 Inches Of Blood, Into Eternity, Goatwhore, Evile, Toxic Holocaust, Gama Bomb, Bonded By Blood, Obscura, Abysmal Dawn, etc. Signed to an international, multi-album licensing/distro deal with Sonic Unyon Records in June 2011, the band has garnered a loyal, ever-growing following across the globe. The band has been well-received by metal and traditional media, earning impressive print reviews and features in UK's Metal Hammer Mag, Terrorizer, BURNN! (Japan), Rock Hard Italy, Hard Rocker Mag (Poland/Czech Republic) as well as Decibel (US), Exclaim, etc. Among these accolades the band was nominated for a Sirius XM Canadian Independent Music Award for Metal Group of the Year in 2012. The group's latest album 'Systematic Eradication' was released worldwide in October 2013 to almost unanimous critical and fan acclaim. Untimely Demise toured both Eastern and Western Canada so far in 2013, including playing Calgary Metalfest in June, support shows for Skeletonwitch and a Western Canadian tour with Into Eternity. 2014 stands to be the band's most successful year yet, with confirmed support slots for Havok & Kataklysm in Canada and a soon to be announced European tour slated for May.

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