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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Unsigned Artist"

The world’s newest hit makers, Untitled are setting a new standard for R&B with their songwriting and vocal skills. Untitleds’ catchy tunes and sex appeal will keep you bumping and grinding all day and all night. What makes Untitled unique is that their music appeals to many genres and their lyrics focus on different circumstances. Each member of the group has come from different backgrounds of music, which makes Untitled the new pop R&B sensation.


Nixx keeps the harmonies flowing in the group. While sharpening his skills on the drums, piano and guitar, Nixx gets his influence from Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye. Born in raised in the west end of Toronto, Nixx started performing at the age of 4. “I would use to drive my mom crazy with my singing. I would always answer my mom by singing instead of talking”.

In school, Nixx was always the team player and was captain of the basketball team. “I spent most of my time after school, playing sports and singing with the group. I always kept myself out of trouble”. Focusing on his dream of becoming a successful R&B singer, Nixx finished school and has no regret on the career path he has chosen.

Nixx knows exactly who Untitled represents: “Our music is for people who appreciate the way music used to be. Our fans are people who enjoy honest music with powerful messages. People who can acknowledge strong lyrical content musical production…………. The real R&B/Soul”


P.B. brings a lot of the creativity to the group. Although being noted as the quiet one in the group, P.B. writes and produces most of Untitled’s tracks. Born and raised in Toronto, P.B. found his passion for music at an early age. “I have been into music ever since I could remember. Growing up my parents used to play Michael Jackson records and I remember I would always want to sing and dance just like him” P.B. got his inspiration to perform in a group from the legendary Boyz II Men. “When I first heard Motownphilly by Boyz II Men, it was then that I knew I wanted to sing in a group just like them”

Growing up with group member Intro, singing and playing video games were P.B.’s favorite past time. “If I wasn’t working on a song for the group or if we weren’t practicing our music, watching sports on TV and playing video games is all I would do”.

P.B. says the stage is like his second home. “I love going up on stage and performing for our fans. It’s the reason why I create music in the first place”.


Intro is the self described ladies man of the group who will rarely pass up a chance to take off his shirt. ''I feel sorry for our stylist. She gives me all these fly shirts and all i do is rip them off". His group members describe him as the outspoken, spotlight guy who won't hold back when ragging on a fellow member., but it's Intro's singing style that speaks loudest for the group. ''Intro had that hardcore, street kinda singing, '' says Nixx. ''Like tht Tyrese, kinda raspy ness'' More than that, he brings an unmatched spontaneity to shows. ''Whenever we're don’t shows we don't know what's going to happen and sometimes we'll follow his lead'' says P.B. ''If something pops off at a show we just go with the flow''
- Vibin UK (July issue)

"Rising Stars"

September 2007 issue. - Urbanology


Nixx, Intro, and PB, the voices behind R&B sensation Untitled are this years rising stars. “Can I wear that one instead” shouts Nixx looking disappointed at his current attire. His stylist doesn’t hesitates and quickly hands over the other outfit to him. Based out of Toronto, the group has been together for 8 years and their current single, ‘All I Need’ are tearing up the charts in their local town. Their music speaks of different circumstances that can be related to young adults growing up.
Just at the ripping age of 19, these bad boys have had their shares of love lost and love gains. “A lot of our songs that we write, they have all come from our past experiences” says PB. “We have gone through a lot, from our music career to our personal lives we worked really hard to get to where we are today” says Intro. From photo shoots to recording to performing, Untitled gives it their all and makes sure their audiences are left moved. When asked about their current fan base Nixx says, “We are getting a lot of love from our fans. The ladies at our shows are crazy! We get girls following us around town all the time”. Besides their impressive singing, charm and attractive looks, one member of the group doesn’t mind the extra added attention the ladies give him. “I work out 6 times a week just to take it off for the ladies to see”, says Intro. Asked if all the members of the group are in a relationship, all are reportedly single. What’s in store for Untitled, PB says “We’re currently in the studio recording our upcoming album and hope to put it out sometime in the near future and were planning to tour across the country so look out for us in a city near you.” - Passion Magazine


All I Need,
You Got Me
Human(Break Up To Make Up Remix)



The members of Untitled are continually raising the bar for R&B groups on the scene as singers, songwriters and producers. Incomparable to the usual R&B artists, P.B., Intro, and Nixx are dedicated to becoming what many cannot; a group that is remembered.

Merging together to create an unparalleled sound, Untitled is a group comprised of diversity and soul. With each member bringing a different set of experiences and ideas to the table, there is no wondering why they have become the most talked about R&B sensations coming out of Toronto. Intro, the most bold of the three, took to influences such as Tyrese and Tank while growing up. His undeniable sex appeal and powerful vocals have led him to the top of the ranks with Untitled. P.B. is known for his creativity and smooth lyrics, adding the perfect touch to the group. His influences stem from music of the late ’80s and early ’90s, providing the popular music aspect. Nixx, the harmonious member, feeds off of inspirations such as Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway. These three young men met in middle school and have been singing together for over 10 years. Their chemistry both on and off stage provide an element of brotherhood amongst the members, making it easy to get through the tough times of the industry as a collective.

Untitled’s display of growth and determination has led them to the top of the Flow charts numerous times for their songs “All I Need,” and “Crazy.” Throughout their career Untitled has already shared the stage with the likes of Jagged Edge, SWV, Donnell Jones, New Edition, Carl Thomas and more. Their resume of show openings and performances continues to grow as does their fan base; satisfying the ladies and educating the gentlemen.

It won’t be long before the group has headlined tours and lead R&B hopefuls to the top. In the mean time, Untitled is currently working on their first full length album preparing to take the world by storm.