Toronto, Ontario, CAN

The New Face of POP/RNB......UNTITLED!!!!!!!!!!!!


The members of Untitled are continually raising the bar for R&B groups on the scene as singers, songwriters and producers. Incomparable to the usual R&B artists, P.B., Intro, and Nixx are dedicated to becoming what many cannot; a group that is remembered.

Merging together to create an unparalleled sound, Untitled is a group comprised of diversity and soul. With each member bringing a different set of experiences and ideas to the table, there is no wondering why they have become the most talked about R&B sensations coming out of Toronto. Intro, the most bold of the three, took to influences such as Tyrese and Tank while growing up. His undeniable sex appeal and powerful vocals have led him to the top of the ranks with Untitled. P.B. is known for his creativity and smooth lyrics, adding the perfect touch to the group. His influences stem from music of the late ’80s and early ’90s, providing the popular music aspect. Nixx, the harmonious member, feeds off of inspirations such as Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway. These three young men met in middle school and have been singing together for over 10 years. Their chemistry both on and off stage provide an element of brotherhood amongst the members, making it easy to get through the tough times of the industry as a collective.

Untitled’s display of growth and determination has led them to the top of the Flow charts numerous times for their songs “All I Need,” and “Crazy.” Throughout their career Untitled has already shared the stage with the likes of Jagged Edge, SWV, Donnell Jones, New Edition, Carl Thomas and more. Their resume of show openings and performances continues to grow as does their fan base; satisfying the ladies and educating the gentlemen.

It won’t be long before the group has headlined tours and lead R&B hopefuls to the top. In the mean time, Untitled is currently working on their first full length album preparing to take the world by storm.


All I Need

Written By: Untitled

1st Verse

I heard they talking loud,

Cus they want you to hear

That they ain’t feeling us, cus what we got is so real

Our love is something different and as ghetto as it is

That’s just what they want and they ain’t gonna stop

But you know how I do

Baby I’m your man

And nothings gonna change don’t care what they want

They don’t gotta a clue

They way I feel for you

Our love is the reason why, I’m doin what I do


Baby I need is you

Everything I wanna do

It don’t matter where I go because I’m always stuck on you

Even when I’m on grind or on my 9 to 5

Girl you’re always on my mind

Baby all I need is

All I need is you

2nd Verse

Step up out the whip

I’ll open the door

Let me grab your hand hold it strolling through the mall

Girl you got me open

I’ll give you all I got

Spending ain’t a thing, cuz with you I love to ball

Don’t even turn around

Cuz you already know

Know that they keep watching like we’re ghetto superstars

See everything little thing we do

And every other place we go

Even on my own they won’t leave your man alone

Chorus 1x


Baby girl stop worrying thinking bout the things that they do, they do

Cus you already got me,

I’m gon be here always with you


Written By: S. Tetzba J. Paris


V1 Wait a minute girl where you heading to slow down and let me holla baby
cuz this attraction is so hypnotic I feel it baby
I know you're tired of the mess but that ain't how I do
let them haters press cuz I know that they ain't impressing you
I know how they talk but these other haters be lame
for a second they game is smooth but our game just ain't the same
take you to the V.I. baby and show you what I'm about
not to many can put it down quite the way that I put it down, eh

C That body's something
So delicious
Turn around and tell me where'd you get it
That body's sick
I gotta have it
I'm like an addict I need it

You're bout to make me go CrAZy (4x)
B-Sec Girl I know you heard about the click now
Heard about how we get down
Wanna roll wit the kids now
Girl I'm tryna fit in your style I'm tryna get down
Girl I gotta know how
Cuz I'm going CrAzY baby

V1 When I'm far I feel it baby what we got is so magnetic
Them other's try to feel it but they just don't never get it
Maybe it's because they just don't take the time to really know you
If you gave em the chance I bet they wouldn't know how to hold you
I thought I told you, you should try to listen
Hop in the back of the twenty-sixes and I'll show you something vicious
I got a sickness baby you should try to fix it baby
Cuz the way you lick them lips got me feeling for that gushy baby

C 1x

B-sec 1x

Spit What u know about stepping in the club everybody showing love all the wemon want to hug so crazy! See me outside sitting on dubs, got my pockets swollen up, can't nobody else do it so crazy I'm a do big things, I'm a pimp this game, I'm a show em how to play, I'm a roll a day, I'm a get that cake, I'm a let em just hate it or love it cause in the end I'm gonna shine anyway!
Something about this beat is so hot untitled had to drop it, something about this beat is so crazy its more than supersonic! Come on baby jump up on it let me feel you put that hurting on it, on the the floor you already know, your about to make me go crazy!!


All I Need,
You Got Me
Human(Break Up To Make Up Remix)