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Innovative, purpose driven, and thought provoking. Untitled is taking music to new heights bridging hip-hop, reggae, rock, latin and funk to create a new sound. Pioneers of a revolutionary movement; not just performers that entertain but vessels used to break mental, spiritual and social chains.


Untitled is a band that merges the sounds hip hop, soul, funk, latin, rock, and reggae with a positive message all the while continually pushing the boundaries of sound and thought that invade contemporary trends in music . The group is innovative, purpose driven, and thought provoking, constantly striving to impart change, growth, wisdom, and love with a spiritual awareness. Untitled’s message speaks truth about the world and the people in it through their own life experiences. The lyrics are personal, addressing the day-to-day circumstances we all face as individuals. The music is encouraging, eye-opening, challenging and authentic, while at the same time providing a rich melodic groove pleasing to the ear.
Untitled began in 2003, in Waukegan, Illinois under the vision of three young men, Caméron, Jeremy, and Josh. Raised on soul, reggae, r&b, and gospel, and growing up in a generation brought up on hip-hop, the three were given a vision to take these sounds and partner them while going against the present style in hip-hop and staying true to their selves and their beliefs. Their goal was to challenge society as well as educate and encourage it.
Untitled made their debut in 2004, in Chicago; they have since flourished into a large versatile band that combines the voices of eight people beneath one vision. But aside from the message, this band is filled with an array of talented musicians. Each member is experienced or trained in their respective gifts for more than 10 years. Together with the musicianship of the members and a greater purpose, Untitled is fully prepared to break down boundaries and revolutionize the world in these times.
This bands musicianship is unlike any other heard before—a live 8 piece band attacks all genres of music with soulful vocals harmonizing in the background and fearless, ambitious emcees leading the way driving a revolutionary message. Their live shows are breathe taking, emotional engaging, and technically superior. With songs that will have you bouncin’ your head, and lyrics causing you to opening your eyes—it’s enlightening and refreshing to hear what’s really going on around you.
Untitled is nothing that you would expect it to be. The message is real to their understanding and perceptions of the world they live in. Untitled is just as they describe themselves, untitled. There are not enough words to illustrate the impact of this diverse and unique band. Ranging from a variety of different cultures, races and ages to unify under one goal, one message, one sound. Untitled refuses to conform to any box or category, because they are not the typical artist. The band Untitled is a group of people telling the story of their lives and sharing it with everyday people just like themselves.


Wake Up! LP

Set List

•Scratchin’ the Surface
•The Gift
•Open Your Eyes
•Popular Opinion
•Freedom Fire
•Right 2 Live
*cover songs and and new material added upon the amount of time given*