Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Untold: Raw emotion, power, depth, and melody are the words that best describe us. We give every ounce of energy we have to the crowds we play for.


We're a hard rock band out of Raleigh, N.C. and have been together for 4yrs. We consist of five members who are Jonathan Wilson, James Wilson, Chad Olds, Garth Robertson, and Brad Olds. We are a high energy, high emotion band that gives all we have to the growing mass of fans that we gain along our journey. Our sound is raw, vulgar, melodic and pure. We are influenced by life first and foremost and our other influences include Zeppelin, Tool, Second Coming, Otis Redding, Staind, Mother Love Bone, and the list goes on to include Jazz, Country, Blues, and Metal. We have shared the stage with such national acts as: Crossfade, Blue October, 12 Stones, The Exies, Puddle of Mudd, Eve 6, Saving Abel, 3 Days Grace, 10 Years, Sevendust, Nonpoint, RA, Spin Doctors, Bang Camaro, Echovalve, In the Clear, Under the Flood, Stereoside, Nobis, Robert Fortune Band and many more. We have won the Zippo Hot Tour, played the Budlight Downtown Live twice and have licensed our music out for use to several large companies. We do our best to try and be fearless when it comes to writing our music. Our songs are painted with a large brush and we try to encompass all of our
influences. There is never "that's to heavy" or "that's to slow and melodic" in our minds. What comes out is true and real and we can only hope that others feel and understand our view of the world.



Written By: UNTOLD


Let’s begin….by saying….

Let’s pretend that life is made up of peace
That love is capable…of me
Somehow we always win
Let’s pretend that tomorrow’s a brighter day
That this pain will end someday
Somehow we always win

Let’s begin by saying goodbye
Let’s pretend that it’s all a lie
It’s all a sin and we cannot win…we descend

Let’s pretend that our fate is locked in place
That the father’s keeping us safe
Somehow we always win




Let’s begin….by saying goodbye

Hero to None

Written By: UNTOLD


Little steps I’ve made, so little progress
So many mistakes
I brought this rain, I gave you pain
The guilt I feel is killing me
My son……my love….I’m sorry, is it good enough?

Sit down my son
I’ll tell you why I’m so lonely
And I said to my son I’m a hero…..a hero to none

If I could change it
If I could take it away and erase it
Would you believe in me
I’ve seen your tears
I’ve seen your pain
I’ve lost 10 years just looking away
My son….my love…I’m sorry is all I’ve got


A hero to none
This is what I said to my son
And he asked me why?
Because I’m hurting

I’m a hero to none
This is what I said to my son
And he asked me why?
Because I’m hurting….because I’m hurting

Full Color

Written By: UNTOLD


Grabbing onto life that does not want me
She stares through me but I want her to see
A year gone by still I’m
Still I’m begging please
Grabbing onto life that does not want me

Oh and I think of you
Hand in mine
It was all for you
All this time
I would die for you
But you left me crying inside
Now I’m seeing

Grabbing onto life that does not want me
Cry in bed at night while she runs from me


And I wanted to see this in full color
And I wanted to believe you and no other


And you took the life from my eyes
And you stole the pride from my life
And you took the light from my eyes
Left me crying inside
Now I’m seeing gray


Written By: UNTOLD


I’ve killed you in my dreams almost every night now that it seems
And I can’t explain what it means but this guilt inside my soul it’s, killing me.

I fought for us there’s nothing more than I can do here
I fought for us there’s nothing more than I can do here

If only you’d wait for me I’d show you real love show you that I’m true
But while I was chasing demons trying to find myself all the while you were fucking him


Won’t you please help me
Give me some reason not to live
Won’t you help me out of here
And come back to me again

I fought for us you know…..yeah
I fought for us you know…..yeah


Our debut cd. "Hero to None" is a seven song journey of passion, pain and angst. Filled with driving guitars, intricate bass and drums, soaring harmonies and a masterful lead vocal that pleads with you to take notice and feel the poetic awe that is UNTOLD.

Our first EP is a self titled EP: UNTOLD
The three songs on our EP are Tomorrow, Shelter, and Glass.
You can hear all these songs regularly on WBBB 96.1 in Raleigh, WKNC 88.1 in Raliegh, 103.5 in Fayetteville and many online radio station. You can also get our music at cdbaby.com or download off of itunes.

Set List

Come Clean
Here to None
Full Color
What a Moment
No Quarter (our one and only cover/remake)
Agony of Jade
Piece of Mind
A Year Later
We have enough material to do a hour and a half of music.