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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Hails to St. Louis"

Hails to St Louis, MO for producing yet another kick-ass, hardcore metal band in Ununbiun. How do I know they’re kick-ass? Because the three song demo that I received in the mail tells me so. Checking in at almost 20 minutes, this disk smokes with aggression. True metalheads, they stick to their roots throughout the disk. Nice, rapid changes, hardcore percussion, wicked, viscous guitar work, and a battering ram for vocals.

Now, being from the area, I’ve heard about this band for a while now, but have never had the good fortune to see them play live. Too bad too, because their style, while remaining true metal, seems to incorporate bits and pieces of many genres, of which you can note immediately as you listen to track two on this disk, where the guitar takes off into a haunting, seemingly errant direction of it’s own as the rhythm section plays on maddeningly and brutal bringing to a head a monster of a song. Each of the other tracks boasts time and tempo changes ranging from hardcore to almost mellow and then back again, making the listener eagerly bob up and down with the melody in true heavy metal fashion.

I would gladly go see Ununbiun live, and I think that, should you see their name displayed on a marquee somewhere, waste no more time, fork out the cover, and check them out.

Until next time......Keep it heavy. - Midwestmetal.info

"Monsters of metal"

Once the first five bands were done, coheadliners, Ununbiun took the stage. I had NO CLUE how to say this name, and obviously I wasnt alone as Corn Bread (radio DJ for some St. Louis station) admitted to completely butchering their name on a live broadcast commercial for the show and told of how the band called and bitched him out for doing so. For very good reason too... these guys are fucking SICK! They remind of somehting in vein of Pantera, Slayer, and Megadeath plus so many more bands in that category. They opened up their set with what I thought would be Deadskin mask by Slayer and this got me incredibly pumped and ready to throw my fists in the air, but instead the band went into an original and completely blew my head off. This 5 piece hails from Missouri and definitely deserves to play any show they can with any band they can. Their singer got onstage with food poisoning and gave it his 120% and managed to not pass out until the very end in which he tripped over himself and nearly blacked out while onstage. I give these guys MAD props (some gangsta thrown into the metal world for ya) for doing what they do and how they do.
- Madddawg Radio


Metal Mentality (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy



A five piece heavy metal band from St. Louis, MO. The band was formed in 2000 by lead guitarist Scott Ezell, drummer Fred Capps, and singer Stu, a year later they picked up Dave Vogt on rhythm guitar and Grant Montgomery on bass to round out the lineup. The band carries a sound buried deep in the roots of true heavy metal with influences ranging from "Slayer", "Metallica", "Megadeath", and "Pantera" to "Testament", "Iced Earth", and "Iron Maiden".

The 2003 and 2004 "Midwest Monsters Of Metal" showcases and "Milwauke Metalfest" still stick out as some of their best performances, but the band is well known for giving their all and then some at every show by giving off an intense amount of energy within their stage presence. Ununbiun has played with bands like In Flames, Arch enemy, Prong, Misfits, Into eternity, Amorphis, Single bullet theory, A dozen furies, Gizmachi, and beyond the embrace just to name a few. Above all else the band is best known for their strong bond with their fans; Whether It's partying, Drinking or just Chatting and goofing around on the bands website and message board at ununbiun.com

Ununbiun will smash all opposed; lift the people back to their rightful place, and return real metal to the eyes of the brainwashed public! On that you can count!

Bio written by Tim Meadows of The Metal Movement productions 2004