"Awesome" brings indie rock to the theatre/art crowd and theatre/art to the indie rock crowd. 20 instruments, 7 vocalists, sweet melodies, melt-in-your-ear harmonies, whimsical lyrics, clever hooks, ever-present theatrics, and 7 front-men with irresistibly charismatic and comic personalities.


"Awesome" aren't the best at what they do...they're the only ones that do what they do. It is hard to say exactly what it is that they do, but I can tell you that in their music, there are traces of Paul McCartney, Frank Zappa, and They Might Be Giants. They take pop hooks and mix them with jazz-fusion breakdowns that stop on a dime. Which is to say it's brainy, catchy, quirky, and arty. It's also theatrical. They have a new album, Beehive Sessions, which was produced by the Posies' Jon Auer and captures all the precision and clarity of their live show. To see them is to be completely awed by what masters and visionaries they are." --Seattle Weekly

Seattle-based band/collective "Awesome" is a septet of indie art-popsters who trace a line of influence from the Beatles to They Might Be Giants to the Decemberists. They are multi-instrumentalists who play guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, sax, clarinet, banjo, mandolin, violin, accordion, theremin, typewriter, and steel drums (and that's just the recognizable stuff). All seven are vocalists as well, which manifests in lots of lush, densely layered harmonies.

Rising from the fertile soil of the alternative comedy and fringe theatre scene in Seattle, "Awesome" began charming audiences in cabarets, art galleries, and dive bars in 2004. Since then they've made two original large-scale theatrical works (one which was commissioned as a new work for Seattle's On the Boards) and expanded their audiences in the indie rock world, earning them gigs with such Northwest luminaries as Harvey Danger, the Long Winters, and the Presidents of the USA, and national acts such as Tapes 'n Tapes, AC Newman (of the New Pornographers), and Elf Power.

"Awesome" is the kind of dynamic creative enterprise you wish you had in your town.
-The Stranger


BEEHIVE SESSIONS - Produced by Jon Auer (2007)
DELAWARE - Produced by Mark Nichols (2005)
FOUR FOR FOER - Produced by Pete Remine and "Awesome" (2005)

Set List

"Awesome" has over three hours of original material, including epic and upbeat pop symphonies with 5-part harmonies, typewriter-driven diatribes with numbers as lyrics, languid and theatrical ballads, and a few covers of obscure pop gems ("She's An Angel" by They Might Be Giants), ironic deconstructions of hits ("The Final Countdown" by Europe), and TV Theme songs (The "Barney Miller" theme). "Awesome" often incorporates theatrical bits and dancing, and are quite adept at tailoring their sets to match the occasion or event vibe. Sets can range from 30 min to 2 hours.

Are You Aware
Man with the Bullhorn
Ones & Zeros
Shape Song
Believe in Faith