unwritten truth

unwritten truth


Unwritten Truth is a metalcore band out of chicago IL. We have been together for about 5 yrs now but have had many different line up changes. we now have 5 members who are on the same page and who will do whatever it takes to get our music and message out there to the world. WE ALSO LOVE TO PARTY!


To attain a dream requires dedication, hard work, and a little bit of crazy. That is what Unwritten Truth is all about. Started in 2008, the band was a hobby amongst good friends Andrew and Marty. The more that the band progressed they knew that they had something good happening. With several lineup changes they brought in Billy to add a new element to the music, and an EP to display their heavy breakdowns and melodic choruses. All the while trying to find a bassist and a drummer to fit in with their drive to make their mark in the music scene. When they heard longtime friend Mikey was looking to find something more serious, they brought him in quickly. The band finally became more serious. Within months of Mikey joining the band, several new songs had been written to show off their new direction.
So many songs written, and still no drummer. Multiple drummers came and went until they received a godsend; a laid back kinda guy also named Mike ready to work hard and do what it takes to make it big. This band has become not just a group of guys who love to play music, hang out and party, but a band of brothers.
Where most music lovers and musicians will watch DVDs of a band’s crazy tour antics and think “I WISH I could do that,” Unwritten Truth thinks, “We WILL do that!” 2011 will bring a new EP, more shows, and touring; What they have all dreamed of doing for so long. Remember the name Unwritten Truth, because they will not be forgotten.


Unwritten Truth released their first Ep "Better Place" in 2010. This 5 song EP was the start of Unwritten Truth. selling out their cd release show showed a lot of people that Unwritten Truth was going to go somewhere in this industry. This Ep was a mix of clean guitar, earth shattering breakdowns, clean vocals and piercing screams! Unwritten Truths goal with this EP was to have many different fans that like different kinds of music. After the release of their first Ep they worked very hard to travel and get their music out the people who have never heard of them. After touring and playing many shows they decided to release their second EP in 2011. The EP "Can Words Save lives" was a lot different from better place. They really started to show their musical talents in this Ep. More complex guitar riffs added a lot along with their new drummer mike who can play anything on drums! They also started to head in a different direction with the music and are becoming a bit heavier. Also adding in dub step/electro beats to their live shows keeps the crowd going! They have had some radio interviews in the city(fearless radio,windy city hardcore) and had their new EP played on the radio as well. 2012/2013 Unwritten Truth will be recording their first full length album. we are all very excited for this and we are all excited about Unwritten Truths future!

Set List

Fuck EM
One Man Wolf Pack
Can Words Save Lives
Dream Will Never Fade
Forgive Me
We Will Not Be Forgotten