Uphill Drive

Uphill Drive

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

"Every song start with tick tick tick!!!"


Uphill Drive formed in 2009 out of the depths of Calgary, Alberta's indie alt/rock/punk scene. Wrestling with members, material, name changes, and life's twists and turns along the way they managed to squeak out a debut project after 2 years of writing and redefining their sound . Embarking in late 2010 on a new line up songs, they'll bring you the first self recorded/produced EP to please the masses in early 2011! Writing in an always 'parodyesque' and mostly loud manner, Uphill Drive bring an old school feel to the stage....putting hard, fast, drive back into alt/rock. Truly a live band.....


Under Construction! ha!

Set List

No home Again
My life through
Six Pack Beautiful
Got No Rhythm
Three Cheers
Drunk Chic Song
Burning My Halo

....and a few more or ...not