Pressure, T.C., Johnny Lemon
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Pressure, T.C., Johnny Lemon


Band Hip Hop Reggae


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The best kept secret in music


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The Oath
Destined For Greatness
Go Head
Two Step
A.B.C. Love
Golden Bridges
Bonafide Hustler
Eww Eww
Dangerous Grounds
Ride Out


Feeling a bit camera shy


Each of Upliftment artists is a unique talent. BIOGRAPHY OF THE RECORDING ARTIST
“Whenever things get rough, all you have to do is remember that pressure bust pipes.”
Words to live by for the artist, who takes his name in honor of the philosophical phrase repeated to him by his late grandparents. PRE$$URE succeeds to spread positive messages and inspire perseverance in the face of adversity.
Reminiscent of early KRS-One and the Black Eyed Peas, PRE$$URE, under the support of Upliftment Records, unloads a revolutionary style that pushes the boundaries of formulaic Hip Hop to set a standard of what is Destinted For Greatness.
With his deep, daunting lyrics that float on beats that twitter the eardrum, PRE$$URE’ s music titillates the soul and paints portraits of everyday life in the mind. Accompanied on several tracks by the hooks and harmonies of his good friend and label-mate T.C., Destined For Greatness is the debut album and building force of PRE$$URE. The first single ABC Love opens the listener to a relationship with PRE$$URE and reveals his motivation to make music.
Pressure B. Pipes, born Tai H. Thergood on March 12, 1985 in Bridgeport, CT, was raised by his mother, Imani, and his grandmother, Maureen, in the P.T. Barnum section of Bridgeport. Once a thriving and lush city, Bridgeport struggles, but strives toward improvement. Pressure decided at an early age that he would be the star to illuminate the shadowed city where he grew up.
He applied his talent and natural gift to entertain toward the love he found in R.hythmic A.rtistic P.oetry. At the age of 7, T-Goodz began creating music. By 9 years-old, he took first prize in a city-wide talent show. But at 13, he grieved at the passing of his grandparents and needed to find additional inspiration to persevere. The familiar phrase that he was taught became flesh, and the Pressure has been building ever since.
PRE$$URE signed with Upliftment Records in 2004 with a focus on Hip-Hop roots, originality, and the strong metaphoric messages of the New Rap. Pressure’s plan starts with a pattern of anti-explicit content. Destined For Greatness is part of a Rap Renaissance that is about to bust from Pressure.
“Whenever things get rough, all you have to do is remember that pressure bust pipes.”