upper left trio

upper left trio


Incorporating elements both conventional and bold, Upper Left Trio creates a distinctive sound in which the virtuosity of the individual musician serves the song via each player's ability to hear and respond to any and all sonic events.


Upper Left Trio plays a unique form of original music that pays homage to the tradition of the jazz piano trio, while looking to the future for inspiration. Upper Left Trio or "UL3", converged in 2003 and have released their second CD "Sell Your Soul Side."

"Upper Left Trio can boast being one of the more articulate and thoughtful new trios to emerge in the mainstream in the 21st century."



CD "Sell Your Soul Side"
Label: OriginArts www.originarts.com

CD Cycling
Label: OriginArts www.originarts.com

Set List

75% original material, 25% covers
Covers range from Neil Young and Radiohead to The Beatles and Beach Boys.