Uproot Hootenanny

Uproot Hootenanny


Uproot Hootenanny is an energetic mix of Folk, Bluegrass, Country, and Celtic music that was made for having a good ol' time. Listening to us is like sitting out on the porch on a hot summer day with a cold beer in your hand and no worries on your mind. What could be better than that???


Four guys that just love good music. That is the simplest way to describe Uproot Hootenanny. Uproot was formed in 2006 as a way for the guys to express their creativity and show their respect for their favorite artists. "Timeless music" is the best way to describe their influences, bands like The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and Old Crowe Medicine Show. But, it's hard to tie Uproot Hootenanny down with just those labels because they also have a Celtic influence that permeates into their sound as well. All this creates a sound that you've never heard before, although it seems familiar, there is something else there that you just can't put your finger on, but you can't stop listening.


Uproot Hootenanny released their first studio album "Broward County Line" in December 2009.
They are on regular rotation on Jango radio and have received airplay on the NPR Bluegrass show as well as some South Florida College Stations