Upside Station

Upside Station


We are a local acoustic/blues band with an edge. Our style has been compared to that of City and Colour, Coldplay, John Mayer and others.


We came together in 2009 and created a sound based on an artsy way of song-writing. We try and paint the audience a picture using song and lyric because we want to create an experience. Through trial we remain only a two piece loosing two of our members in late 2009. Our love for music has kept us together to approach music from a different aspect.


We only have a demo at this point, but are looking forward to mid-spring recording a full length album.

Set List

Our sets are typically about a half hour long. We also will play covers at restaurants, clubs and coffee shops. We generally play from 10 songs of our own and can play up to 30 if nessecery. The covers we play are typically popular songs by major artists and range in genre.