Upsilon Acrux

Upsilon Acrux


Upsilon Acrux is an established instrumental band with a unique hard driving sound. UA is not for everyone, but the discerning listener will be well rewarded. Generally described as progressive, UA music includes underlying elements of straight up rock played by serious, talented musicians.


Originally formed in San Diego, Upsilon Acrux is an instrumental quintet now working out of Los Angeles, California. UA composes and plays a unique style of music, often classified by others as progressive or brutal prog, but retaining the basic energy and drive of straight ahead rock. All five members are capable of, and do, play as lead instrumentalists so that UA shows are intense, uncompromising, and always adventurous.

UA has shared the stage with such bands as The Boredoms, The Ruins, Mission of Burma, the Locust, Don Caballero, Bad Dudes, the Fucking Champs, Dillinger Escape Plan, Anal Cunt, Devin Sarno and Nels Cline, Fred Frith and Chris Cutler, Cattle Decapitation, Black Heart Procession, Crime in Choir, Hella, Marnie Stern, Grand Ulena, Yowie, Flying Luttenbachers, Octis, Orthrelm, Time of Orchids, Ahleuchatistas, Experimental Dental School, Child Abuse, Open City, Polar Goldie Cats, Truman's Water and Mick Barr.

Influences are too many to name, but include Magma, This Heat, John Coltrane, King Crimson, Ornette Coleman, Polvo, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Derek Bailey, the Ruins, Nels Cline Trio, Albert Marcoueur, Van Halen, Fredrik Thodenal's Special Defect, Necrophagist, Don Caballero, Harry Pussy, Faust, Neu!!, Cardiacs, Takemura, US Maple, and Henry Cow.

UA has undergone several lineup changes over the years and would like to acknowledge both previous members as well as many guest musicians as integral to the development of the "Upsilon" sound.

Over the years, UA lineups have included Jesse (Klecker) Applehans on drums, Derek Bruns on drums, Eric Kiersnowski on bass, Nick Lejejs on moog, Braden Miller on guitar, Cameron Pressley on guitar, Josh Quon on bass, and Muir Tennerstet on bass.

Guest musicians have included Bobb Bruno on guitar, Mark Cisneros on tenor and soprano sax, Christiaan Cruz on alto sax, Mike Flowers on muted cornet, Glen (Galaxy) Galloway on baritone sax, Dan Munoz on pocket trumpet, Rob Pash on trumpet, Devin Sarno on bass. Anyone omitted is a sign of UA senility, not intention.


In addition to contributions to several compilation releases, Upsilon Acrux has released 6 LPs to date, the latest released on May 19th of 2009. UA also plans to release a special European EP to support a fall 09 EU tour.

6) Radian Futura (2009, Cuneiform Records)
5) Galapagos Momentum (2007, Cuneiform Records)
4) Volucris Avis Dirae-Arum (2004, Planaria Records)
3) Last Train Out (2001, Hactivist Records)
2) The Last Pirates of Upsilon (1999, Win Records)
1) In the Acrux of the Upsilon King (1999, Accretions Records)

Set List

A "typical" Upsilon set list varies somewhat to fit the venue and the logistics of the show. At small venues, or shows with several acts, a set might last about 40 minutes, whereas a typical set might run for an hour or more at larger venues or with fewer acts. A typical song averages about 5 minutes, but individual songs span a range of as short as 2.5 minutes to almost 30 minutes. UA does do a few covers, but they are adapted covers that fit well into the overall sound for which UA is known. Such covers include Queen's Bicycle Race and Goblin's Night of the Goblin. A typical set list from the last two years might include:

Expiration Date (Alaska, My Darkness) - UA
Sabbath vs. Nob - UA
Turkey Lick - UA
In-A-Gadda-DeVito - UA
So Thereby ... And Furthermore ... Thus Henceforth - UA
Night of the Goblin - Goblin
Ballet Instructor/Dracula - UA
Bicycle Race - Queen
Who's Running Shit (Son of Destiny's Child) - UA
Landscape with Gun and Chandelier - UA
Keeping Rice Evil - U