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"One Man Stereo EP Courier Mail"

Contagious Sounds

Playing overtime on the M+M stereo this week, a track called Contagious which is just that, with loads of crunchy guitar, thumping drums and a powerhouse vocal performance.

And it’s from Brisbane band Upsize who, like like-minded rock outfits such as Jet, Powderfinger and The Black Crowes, have obviously drenched themselves in the best of the good stuff from the ‘70s but still make it sound fresh and fun.

Says bass player Sean Metcalfe, “Things have really been firing with our drummer Rick Ashe who joined last year. There’s a lot of energy on stage and we’ve been doing some demo recording where everything clicks on the first take.”
“That’s what we want when we record our debut album, to capture what we’ve got when we play live.”

The band’s second EP, One Man Stereo, shows there’s plenty of fire in the belly on tracks such as Contagious and Put Them Away.

Noel Mengel (Senior music columnist) Courier Mail 17/8/06
- The Courier Mail

"One Man Stereo EP Time Off"

UPSIZE One Man Stereo (Independent)

In the fine tradition of classic rock riffs and catchy choruses, Upsize have created an EP of old-fashioned, dirty rock songs reminiscent of the glory days of Aussie rock’n’roll. Taking cue from the likes of the Stones and AC/DC, these five tracks are an unpretentious collection of songs written with as much heart as they were an apparent love of a timeless tune. Opener “Contagious” could’ve been a lost JET track, whilst the Cold Chisel-esque “Put Them Away” is a pretty darn good soundtrack to a lazy afternoon over a few beers with mates. It’s nothing new, but that’s not always a bad thing. (Daniel Crichton-Rouse) Time Off Street Press Brisbane 02/08/06
- Time Off Brisbane Street Press

"UPSIZE live review Jun 06"

"The mongrel-factor is upsized significantly as headliners UPSIZE unleash some ’70s-style rock.” (Michaela McGuire Time Off, June 2 2006 at The Living Room) - Time Off Brisbane Street Press

"UPSIZE live review Oct 05"

“UPSIZE, another Brissy based band, with their amalgamation of 70’s style Guitar Rock and Powderfinger-esque style, were in my opinion the best of the Fest.” (Amy Stannard Q Mag, October 1 2005 Get Set Fest) - The Ipswich Times

"Upsize, The Radiators and the Angels @ Acacia Ridge Hotel live review 04/05/2007"

Upsize, The Radiators and the Angels @ Acacia Ridge Hotel, 04/05/2007

The Basement Bar at Acacia Ridge Hotel played host to an awesome night where Upsize, The Radiators and The Angels played live and loud! Rock shall never die!

Brisbane rock band Upsize totally rocked the Basement Bar to over a crowd of a 1000. Upsize are playing gigs around Brisbane promoting their debut CD West End Delicacy . They were the perfect band to get the crowd worked up in anticipation of The Radiators and The Angels performances. Upsize’s performance was outstanding, playing all the songs off their debut CD plus a few others which had the crowd jumping and yelling for more!

When The Radiators hit the stage, a wave of people surged forward. If it wasn’t for the guardrail the band would have been engulfed completely. The crowd varied in ages, from late teens to mid to late sixties. The Radiators had everyone nodding, feet tapping, jumping up and down as well as singing along. Everyone, no matter what age, appeared to know all the words to all the songs.

The Radiators started with a few of their slower and older classics like Summer Holiday , and by the time they started playing You Gimme Head , you couldn’t hear the band over the crowd singing. After decades of playing live gigs, The Radiators continue to wow their audience with an adrenaline filled performance.

The Angels. What more can be said? The name itself makes you want to bow down low and chant “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!” The Angels have a repertoire spanning nearly 3 decades with countless hits including Take A Long Line, After The Rain, Mr Damage, Straight Jacket and their first major hit Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again? , which were all performed to the delight of the audience. All that experience has been polished to the extent that you almost feel that you’re listening to the CD.

Friday night was surreal. Not only did we have more Australian rock’n’roll history than you could poke a stick at, the rock’n’roll was picked up and carried forward into the present by Upsize. As I said at the beginning of the review, Rock shall never die!

Lifemusicmedia @ 4/5/07 -

"UPSIZE West End Delicacy LP Dec 07"


West End Delicacy (Independent)

Reflective of the inner Brisbane suburb where it was recorded, West End Delicacy is an enticing blend of the rough and dirty side of rock’n’roll, and a confident first effort from local no-nonsense rockers Upsize.

Heralding its arrival with a slowly escalating wall of distortion that takes a leaf out of Led Zeppelin’s epic book, suspense builds only to be obliterated by the muscular opening riff of ‘Wide Awake’.

Led by barreling drums and frontman Matt Kurth’s sharp delivery, the five-piece charge through the album’s impressive opening half with standout tracks such as ‘Hot Head’, ‘Five Over’ and “Sense Of Falling’.

Both Kurth’s slurred vocals and the band interplay also work equally well on the semi-unplugged ‘Talk Show’.

The charging ‘Thank You Very Much’ and ragged piano ballad ‘Coffee And Compliments’ round out the album, giving both ends equal weight.

A cocksure debut album, West End Delicacy… continues the work of iconic bands such as The Angels and Noiseworks by delivering endearing and unpretentious Aussie rock’n’roll that pulls no punches.

Justin Grey Time Off Dec 5 2007 - Time Off

"UPSIZE West End Delicacy LP Jun 07"

"Barnsey hijacks Powderfinger and rides a fast car into hell."

West End Delicacy is the newest album to appear on Upsize’s Menu.

It is a classic display of dirty 70’s Pub Rock with beefy guitars, pumping riffs and ballzy vocals that are guaranteed to upsize your McRock Meal.

The album is heavy with little variation and the crash symbol has been ravenously abused on more than one occasion, but rock will be rock.

Talk Show offers some reprieve being a softer acoustic track while Roll Me Over is dipped in funk sauce with an addictive chorus.

The album is finished with the perfect desert of Coffee And Compliments, a chilled yet stirring duet between piano and voice.

Upsize is a classic Aussie Rock band well worth taking a bite out of.

BRIGITTE SHORT - Rave Magazine

"UPSIZE live review Oct 07"

The very happy-to-be-here boys from Upsize announce their arrival onstage in what seems to be their usual boisterous fashion.

The local loudhouse manage to get some punters on their feet and one fervent fan even whips off his polo.

The band feed off each other’s energy as they ricochet around the stage – it’s almost as if they need a bigger playpen than The Zoo has to offer.

The well-known Contagious gets a good response from the spectators and after lead vocalist Matt Kurth gives it a good rev-up. Talk Show receives the same reception.

Pilot is also of decent quality and the set is pulled off without a hitch.

Upsize are very vocal about their support and very thankful that the crowd is there to back live Brisbane music.

As a result, Upsize retain their title of “Prime Pub Rock Beef”.

16/10/07 -


West End Delicacy - 2007
One Man Stereo (EP) - 2005
Talk Show (Demo EP) - 2004



Brisbane band UPSIZE entered the rock lounge room in 2003 and began to make serious renovations to the local live music scene.

Upsize have performed at many of Brisbane’s premier rock venues in SE Qld and have headlined at clubs like The Living Room and The Zoo as well as at venues on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Ipswich and Toowoomba.

The band has also supported high profile acts such as The Angels (3 times), The Radiators, Airborne, Meloddysey, Grand Atlantic, Dead Letter Circus, The Presidents Bush, Mammal and more.

AWARDS - “Talk Show” Top Ten rock song Q Song awards 2007

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