The UpSouth Twisters

The UpSouth Twisters

 Valley Cottage, New York, USA

Original rockin' Zydeco and Cajun rockabilly blues and roots rockin' Americana featuring slamming accordion, screaming guitar, doghouse bass, wailing harp, rubboard, timbales, kickass grooves, topflight songwriting and heartfelt vocals.


The UpSouth Twisters are not a new band but a group of seasoned veterans who have been playing together for years under the name Lucky 7. The decision to change the name coincides with their first full length CD release in over a decade. The album, self titled, was officially released February of 2008 on UpSouth Recordings and features the bands signature sound including accordion, electric and acoustic guitars, upright bass, harmonica, mandolin, drums, rubboard, timbales and other percussion, piano and organ plus the guest appearance of Levon Helms horn players Erik Lawrence and Steve Bernstein on several tunes.
Music critics have had a field day trying to describe the bands music, dubbing it Cajun rockabilly, Rockin Zydeco, roots rock with a squeezebox and a New York mix of Zydeco and rockin roadhouse Americana. Just about the only certainty is that no two-or three-word label fully encompasses the range of the band's musical gumbo. By drawing from Elvis-era RocknRoll, Cajun, Zydeco, delta blues, classic country, and even Latino salsa plus Tex-Mex, this New York based quintet has challenged the descriptive talents of the music press, while at the same time earning its praise.
Though The UpSouth Twisters are based in the New York area their roots rockin music wins listeners across the heartland, as Austin American-Statesman critic Michael Point observed at a Texas show, The group's seamless set was solid and substantial, full of prime party-time dance music underpinned by a resilient rhythmic thrust that pushed and pulled the music in consistently interesting directions."
The bands founder and leader is accordionist-keyboard player-singer- songwriter Kenny Margolis,, an ex-member of Mink Deville, who's also toured with and appears on albums by Cracker, The Smithereens, Freedy Johnston, and The Silos among others. Billy Roues (guitar/mandolin/vocals) and Steven Muddy Roues (standup bass/harmonica) have brought their songwriting and experience producing, writing, playing and recording with roots artists as diverse as Jo-El Sonnier, John Lee Hooker, Carl Perkins, Lonnie Mack, B. B. King, Bo Diddley, Lenny Kaye, Wayne Kramer and Stax & Muscle Shoals soul greats Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham. Percussionist, Boris Kinberg has played with Mink DeVille and Robert Gordon. Rounding out the band is the solid drumming of journeyman, Bill Rankin.
After honing its style in sweaty New York clubs and throughout the northeast, The UpSouth Twisters (under their former moniker) won favor on a series of European and Canadian tours earning praise as "a heavenly party band" (Sweden's Expressen) and "pure fun!" (Germany's Musick Szene). Toronto's Now said, "No doubt about it, Lucky 7 is among the most fun, freewheeling live acts going." An awesome show at the Montreal International Jazz Festival won over thousands of new fans.
Several songs from the band's repertoire have landed in feature films and also on compilation albums including the Margolis/Roues instrumental, "Holiday Depression which was in the soundtrack to one of James Gandolfini's first movies, "Italian Movie". It was also released as part of a Swedish compilation called "Rockin' at the Barn" on Dusty Records (1999). Most recently their cover versions of Dave Alvins So Long Baby Goodbye and Bruce Springsteens Valentines Day were included on highly acclaimed tribute CDs to their authors. (Blastered: A Tribute to the Blasters on Runwild Records and Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen on Schoolhouse Records).
The UpSouth Twisters are back with a vengeance, playing their greasy, Southern-fried-with a side of salsa music. Kenny Margolis says he doesn't mind the southern comparison. "A lot of our music does have roots in the South," he admits. "But growing up in New York City, we have interpreted it differently than a Southern band would. Sort of like the British Invasion bands of the Sixties like The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, and Cream interpreting Chicago blues."
These guys have what it takes to rock a festival or a house party. They will blast you with balls to the wall energy and lay it down, when called upon, with an unplugged set of roots flavored balladry that will soothe your soul and ease your worried mind. Not to be missed!


Smithville Blues

Written By: Words & music by Billy Roues

Feels like we’re getting’ away from the simple kind of life again
Everybody’s headed downtown and hangin’ with their uptown friends
I don’t care much for the movers and shakers on the avenues
I’ll be out here sittin’ on my front porch singin’ these Smithville Blues

Smithville Blues ain’t a sad sad song
And it’s so easy that anybody could sing along
Smithville Blues I’m gonna sing ‘em again
All I need is my old guitar and one good friend

Well I had me a hit or two in the sixties and now I’m set
They say I’m old but I got miles to go and I got no regrets
Once in a while I take a low slow ride cross the Great Falls Bridge
Turn on the radio to hear ‘em play somethin’ that sounds like this

Smithville Blues ain’t a sad sad song
And it’s so easy that anybody could sing along
Smithville Blues I’m gonna sing ‘em again
All I need is my old guitar and one good friend

Woke up to find myself dreamin’ ‘bout walkin’ down East Broad Street
I could see my angel at the top of the hill and she looked so sweet
Scent of honeysuckle in the air the sky was white as bone
I been gone too long and that old lovesick tune just sings me home

Smithville Blues ain’t a sad sad song
And it’s so easy that anybody could sing along
Smithville Blues I’m gonna sing ‘em again
All I need is my old guitar and one good friend

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All rights reserved. International copyright secured.


The UpSouth Twisters- released on February 8, 2008 on UpSouth Recordings

As Lucky 7:
One Way Track - released 1994 on Deluge Records

Feed the Snake - Restless (U.S.) / Buy Our Records (Europe)-1989

Get Lucky - i.e. (U.S.) / Another Record Co. (Europe)-1986

Lucky 7! - Midnight Records-1984


Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen - Released September 9, 2003 Schoolhouse Records. Various artists including Elvis Costello, Dan Bern, Graham Parker, Dion and Elliot Murphy (Lucky 7 did a Cajun waltz version of Bruce’s Valentines Day)

Rockin’ At the Barn – released 1999 on Dusty Records (Sweden)
Various artists (Lucky 7 did Holiday Depression also included in The UpSouth Twisters CD on UpSouth Recordings)

Blastered – released in 1998 on Run Wild Records (USA) Various artists (Lucky 7 did a ska influenced cover of Dave Alvin’s So Long Baby Goodbye)

Set List

These are 2 samples of 70-90 minute sets. Cover tunes have the original artist in parenthisis. We also do 45 minute sets, a long 2 hour show for festivals as needed and can also design a set of any length to fit whatever the situation requires.

Go To Mardi Gras (Professor Longhair) C
Smithville Blues C
Cajun Man F
I Ain't Broke I'm Shattered F
Amede G
Where's My Money? C
Voodoo Mambo Gm
Ti Na Ni Na Noo (Slim Harpo) G
It's a Poor Rat (That Only Got One Hole) A
One Way Track E
Rich Woman (Lil Millet) F
Ay Yi Yi (Clifton Chenier) C
I Wonder Why A
Let Me Rock You Jolie Fi A
Rosalie G
Goin' Up The Country (Canned Heat) A

Please Don’t Leave Me (Johnny Burnette) G
Daunt D
Drinkin' Wine (Spo Dee Oh Dee) (Sticks McGhee) C
Deep Water Hole A
Do You Ever Think Of Me? Eb
It's A Cryin' Shame G
Shake Your Hips (Slim Harpo/Rolling Stones) A
Rattlesnake Fever E