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Upstate Weight

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Lively, gritty Emcee's. Here for the cause. Original explosive lyrics and music, along with non-stop energetic performances, carried with unique personalities. "Upstate Weight" gurantee's to keep the crowd entertained at all moments.


Upstate Weight is made up of MC's "Rob(i.e.)" and "it's Rich" Based out of Binghamton, NY. Grabbing their musical influences from all different elements such as Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Funk, Punk and more. Rob and Rich met while they were in School(1998) when they were about 15 years old. Rob would ryhme for fun while he and rich would spend most of there days and nights skateboarding.

The Group formed when (i.e.) was living in Oneonta, NY in 2004. He and his friend Conor aka "Chef C" put together a mixtape for their friends " the drunken masters mixtape vol.1" The spent many sessions freestyling at parties and on corners and it was clear people wanted more. They then decided to take it further. They started working with a label called "2012 industries" and "dj 2012" based out of Queens, NY. who still spins UPSW vocals around the world as he tours" Conor decided to take a break from music and pursue other careers. (i.e.) decided that he wanted to keep moving foward with his music.

Around 2006 Rob met back up with Rich who was living in Endicott, NY at the time. Rob and Rich Started Recording out of Rich's apartment in less then one week the duo already recorded 5 new tracks. Which drew the attention of Steven Kocich of Monkey Tree Records. Steven immediately started working with the 2 mc's. Helping with promotion and production of their music.

Early 2007 things began to take off for "Upstate Weight" Featured as the number 1 artist on "" for 5 weeks in a row. Also "Track of the day" featured at for the songs titled "explosive" and "walk with me" also gaining credit for "best lyrics in rap" "best male vocals" and " best production in rap", they also had a spot on the DJ Kool Kid Mixtape titled "Ear to the Streets Vol.1" unsigned hype". With various apperances around the Upstate, NY region, "Upstate Weight" proved they aren't your everday rap group. Possessing unique styles and ryhmes. The fans are true and willing. With big plans in their future such as releasing their debut album. Recently they added to the group. They no longer are using a DJ for sound, now they have Ryan on guitar and vocals, along with Thrasher on bass and Matt on drums. The live band brings a whole new experiece to Upstate Weight. The new sound makes for a real funky/rockin pretty jammin experience, so be sure to keep close to the name.


Split Twist

Written By: RoB (i.e.)

1st verse:

"first hit it in 96'
nicks unfold alot of sticks
didn't hold any bricks
didnt know to to hold in the hit
i'll admit conor showed me how to twist
first unroll the ish then were rolling piff then you know were scrolling it.
an you know
it started with a lick like this
smoked filled the air
we all joke and choke
with zero cares blunted
as we stare slanted
just standin there stunted
began to understand it
became a bigger fan after the first seed i planted
harvesting trees that leave you stranded thats the plan kid
the plane hasn't landed
your brains traped stuck and abandoned
couldn't quit the feeling
smell so appealing in between this yeilding and dealing
this herbal provides healing that's so revealing back'd up to the ceiling you feel me?"

head on

Written By: upstate weight

the time was something like 2:39
it wasnt looking good
plus i had a blurry mind
2 drinks i stood
starring at a furry lime
i'd blink
if i could defer an eye
this scotch an this ox
im sure is why
im slurin my words
an im
ready for whos first in line
heads heavy no time
to rehearse this line
so i godda pick her quick
lets go chick i still godda pick up cigs
an split twist
so finnish up your cup an pick it up
no need to discuss what your name is
know this im like
im like 2 steps from being famous
so its only you makin us two strangers (ha)
so tonight you can entertain us
cuz you i know stay where
the stage is


demo coming june 09' with full band.

Featured on:
DJ Kool Kid "Ear to the Streets Vol.1"
Song: Main Components. Featuring Rob(i.e.) it's Rich and Chef C

streamed audio can be found at:

Set List

we typically do 90min sets if alone on bill we usually take a 15min intermission. we like to start out with an upbeat energetic song like empire and end with the same style.

here we go
walk with me
split twist
head on
died in arms
long time coming

depending on time:

been gone
(exclusive freestyle by rob(i.e.)
above average
main components