Up With The Joneses

Up With The Joneses

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Up With The Joneses are known for their incendiary live performances. A potent mix of the high-powered energy of 'Classic Rock' and the modern edge and innovation of 'Alternative' music, The Joneses' original songs consistently hint at their deep southern roots, love of funk, and pop-song mentality.


Very rarely these days does one come across a band with a long history. Rock and Roll, itself has a long list of legendary bands that have battled through adversity and misfortune, only to prove their sustaining presence as a group, or musical force. In more recent times, bands come and go; groups split up after just a couple of years. It seems that the ideal of 'sticking to your guns' is in short supply. Groups write songs about the world around them, rather than relying on actual life experience; songs, and bands alike, lack substance and conviction. This band is an exception to the modern trend of mediocrity, a testament to the true nature and raw energy of Rock & Roll.

Up With The Joneses has been around in one form or fashion since 1999, when friends T.J. Greever (vox, guitar) and Matt Bohannon (guitar) decided to start a band, based around the pair's common musical influences (Black Sabbath, Jane's Addiction, The Beatles, Faith No More) and their respect and adoration of Southern Rock. The group has toured extensively throughout the Southeastern region of the United States, and released 4 albums to date, turning heads and gaining attention of their peers and critics, alike. They rely heavily on an undeniably energetic, captivating live show, and innovative, yet nostalgic way of writing. The group has constantly evolved since inception, enduring through hardship, some of which is foreign to most up and coming bands. In the past, the band has been put on hold for a few personel changes (original bassist and drummer quit in 2002), but has also taken long breaks for some more serious issues, including the near-fatal crash of Greever, in 2004, and the death of bandmate, bassist Joe Grubbs in late 2005. Through 9 years of ups and downs, they have found a way to take all the experience that life offers, and convert it into positive musical energy that any audience can relate and/or dance to. The energy that the musicians exude in a live setting is the direct result of their perserverance and dedication to their music.

The music Up With The Joneses create is an eclectic mix of Southern music. This is a rock and roll band that listens to a lot of 90's/Alternative music, and isn't afraid to admit that they like country music, too. No inspiration is questioned, nothing is held back in a live setting. These audiophiles see their music as a culminating cauldron of popular music in the postmodern world. Make no mistake, they are trying to melt your face off.

The group is now eager to get outside of its familiar Southeastern stomping-grounds and spread its influence on all regions of the country, and anyone else interested. Coupled with the experiences and versatility of an almost legendary band history, and the unbridled excitement and raw power of its' newfound love for live music, Up With The Joneses are now more focused and energized than ever before and ready to rock.

The band's current 2007 release, "Melt Your Face Off (Live!)" is on iTunes and CD Baby for digital distribution. UWTJ has played over 100 shows in 2008 with constant touring of the southeast and eastcoast. Their long awaited second studio album will drop in late March early April of 2009. UWTJ looks forward to keeping the rock alive in 2009 somewhere near you!

Tour History includes playing as support for a wide range of bands, including: Drive By Truckers, Blind Melon, Cracker, Southern Culture on the Skids, Violent Femmes, Dickey Betts, Jason Isbell, Will Hoge, The Features, David Grey, Molly Hatchet, The Whigs, Mastodon, and King’s X.

Past venues include: Between the Bridges Festival ['06 & '07], (Chattanooga), Riverbend Festival ['01, '03, '05, '07] (Chattanooga), Nightfall Concert Series 08 (Chattanooga), Rhythm & Brews(Chattanooga), World Grotto (Knoxville), Barley's Tap Room (Knoxville), Mercy Lounge (Nashville), Exit/In (Nashville), Ten High Club (Atlanta), Smith’s Olde Bar (Atlanta), Tasty World (Athens), 40 Watt Club (Athens), Milestone Club (Charlotte), Snug Harbor (Charlotte), Stella Blue ( Asheville), The Hideaway ( Johnson City), DC9 (Washington, D.C.), Grape Street Music Hall (Philadelphia), The Bitter End (New York City).


Over The Sound - LP (2009)
Total Time (55:26)

1. Filters (4:39)
2. As He Goes (3:13)
3. Loss Of Control (3:59)
4. My Mind Tonight (4:01)
5. Things To Believe In (5:26)
6. Anatomical Gift (2:38)
7. Down This Road (4:03)
8. Over The Sound (3:44)
9. Bricks (3:24)
10. Out Of Tune (4:08)
11. What Could Be Worse? (3:42)
12. Play On Words (2:10)
13. Anything You Say (4:00)
14. Switchyard (6:30)

Melt Your Face Off (Live!) - EP (2007)
Total Time (39:38)

1. Take It Back (4:16)
2. Down This Road (4:01)
3. Backwoods (6:36)
4. Perfect Picture (4:37)
5. Things To Believe In (5:42)
6. Defenestration (4:26)
7. Catch Fire (5:04)
8. Brain Stem (4:56)

[recorded April 12, 2007 @ The Rutledge (Nashville).
produced and mixed by Adam Brown.]

Live '03 - '05 - LP (2005)
Total Time (60:50)

1. Brain Stem (4:01)
2. Microwaveable Europe (3:19)
3. Out Of Tune (4:25)
4. Loss Of Control (4:27)
5. Safely (4:03)
6. Tower (3:10)
7. Down This Road (4:01)
8. Defenestration (3:45)
9. As He Goes (3:14)
10. Rock A / Funky G *
11. The Connection (3:08)
12. Take It Back (3:30)
13. Written Constraints (6:42)

* - featuring Mark "Pork Chop" Holder on Harmonica.

[recorded at various live venues 2003 - 05, including: Exit/In (Nashville, TN); Rhythm & Brews (Chattanooga, TN); Ten High Club (Atlanta, GA); Wall Street (Murfreesboro, TN); 2003 Riverbend Festival (Chattanooga, TN). Compiled by Adam Brown.]

EP - EP (2003)
Total Time (23:26)

1. Microwaveable Europe (3:33)
2. Out Of Tune (4:20)
3. Tower (3:09)
4. Brain Stem (4:08)
5. A - Song (4:11)
6. Catch Fire (4:15)

[recorded at Rhythm & Brews (Chattanooga).
produced by Doug Brown and Up With The Joneses.]

Numbers & Vultures - LP (2001)
Total Time (61:39)

1. Catch Fire (4:18)
2. Turn (4:35)
3. A - Song (4:03)
4. Backwoods (3:59)
5. Weight (4:08)
6. Song For... (5:15)
7. Problems (4:34)
8. Defenestration (3:24)
9. Eyesight (4:34)
10. Written Constraints (6:34)
11. Attic (4:59)
12. Rock A / Funky G (3:45)
13. Circus Dirt (7:31)

[recorded @ Ultrasound Studios, Rossvile, GA,
produced by Michael Johnson and Up With The Joneses.]

Set List

A typical headlining set will run anywhere between 1 1/2 to 2 hours. It will feature about a 80/20 mix of original material/covers.
Sets performed as support acts are typically 45 to 60 minutes, and are about 90% original material.

Below is an actual example of a typical headlining set:

10/13/2007 @ Rhythm & Brews (Chattanooga)

In The Flesh? (*)
Circus Dirt
A Song
Perfect Picture
Song For...
Sweet Leaf (^)
Rock A / Funky G
Things To Believe In
Catch Fire
Burning Down The House (#)
Brain Stem
Out Of Tune
Naked In Front Of The Computer (+)
Play On Words
Take It Back
Stop! ($$)

(*) - Pink Floyd cover
(^) - Black Sabbath cover
(#) - Talking Heads cover
(+) - Faith No More cover
($$) - Jane's Addiction cover

Additional documented covers:

A Girl Named Sandoz (Smashing Pumpkins' Version) - The Animals
Dig A Pony - The Beatles
Helter Skelter - The Beatles
Higher Ground (Red Hot Chili Pepper's Version) - Stevie Wo