Kent, Ohio, USA
BandJazzNew Age

Somewhere between pure filth and the loudest thing you have ever heard. This music needs a label. It may induce vomiting. It may be harmful to your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Definitely not safe for humans. Useful for disciplining cats. Perhaps the ONLY thing that will train them.


We found this guy years ago drifting though a ghost nebula far out in interstellar space. He demanded passage and said he had goods to trade. Turns out he was just crazy. We were on the run anyways (still are) so we figured how bad could this guy be. Well, turns out he is really awful - terrible in fact. We may need him later. He seems to be good at twisting wires together. He reeks and is incredibly filthy. That is about all I know about him. I think he might be a burn victim he wears masks.


He had copies of these when we picked him up. They were worthless:

History of Electronic Music Vol I&II
The Storm

We have been using these to train cats.

Weather Warfare EP

He claims to have other things posted on the interwebs